Sceneries for game engine

Anyone know where download a textured sceneries for game engine?
I tested with collada files from here but I have to put the textures manually and in blendswap the most archives isn’t for bge and the only one scenery I found for game engine not include textures.

The best source for any blender models is your head. Unfortunately download takes about a week or so.

Seriously, it’s nearly a certainty that the particular scenery you are looking for has not been made yet.

But I want scenery only for test with it, no specific one
Also i don’t know modeling and I haven’t time to learn it

It would be pretty uncommon to find ready-made scenes. Most people that make stuff to share are making character models and props. It seems like Blendswap would be your best bet.

You could do some pictures of your surounding and use 123sketch to generate a 3d model of it.

Is not there something like this in a .blend files with the textures?

Not that I know of. What’s wrong with that though? Oh sorry, you’ll lose the textures, but they aren’t hard to find and add back.

Well i will have to learn to put them. Thanks everybody!