Scenes in viewports

I have a need to have four viewports open, and a separate scene in each. There are four scenes in my file, and I need to set it up so that each viewport has the view from the camera, so that I can co-ordinate the motion. How might one do this?

~thanks for any help, Istvan.

anyone? This is a pressing project, so I really need help fast.

Currently there is no way to show more than one scene at the same time.

hmm, is there a chance that this will fall into those display updates for 2.45?

Just merge all your scenes into your “pre-vis” master scene and you can link in as many cameras as you need.

wait… what?

what I have is many versions of the same scene, so are you suggesting that in the main version of the scene I link in all the cameras? I guess I can do that if that is what you mean, but every time I add another instance of the scene the project gains a few megs, and I have 20 megs until the limit of what I can upload to burp. (I am currently at 108 mb, lots of dominoes with lots of IPOs)

When you say “same scene”, are you talking about the exact same models and animations in every scene in your file, or are you talking about the same setting, but character models doing different things?

If you’re doing the former, you may be better off using a single scene and simply having multiple cameras in it (then use a script to change cameras during render). Alternatively, you can instance the scene multiple times (linked scenes, not copies… that should give you a more acceptable memory footprint) and use the VSE to cut from one scene to the next.

It is all the same except for the cameras. I am actually using a fairly complex node system to change scenes, and not scripts and the VSE because I am using burp to render it (it takes upwords of 3-4 hours for each of the 6000 frames). The scenes are linked, but the file still gets quite a bit larger, my guess is for storing all those links. I guess that is what i’ll have to do, put all of the cameras into one scene, but I figured I would check here first to see if there was a way around it.

Once you have linked in the cameras from the other scenes via CTRL-L, then delete those scenes and you will have one scene with all your cameras in the correct position.

After the delete, save your file then close Blender and re-open the scene and the memory foot print will be smaller. Blender never cleans house with memory. It always starts clean on a new file open.

that is an option, but I would leave the other scenes there. BURP does not support camera switching scripts, so my node system takes care of that. I think I can get away with one more linked scene, or I can render the whole thing out as do it that way. I will post more on my node system somtime, but it has three inputs. the output is three small viewers at the bottom of the screen, one for each input, then behind that and taking up almost the rest of the view there is one big viewer that shows one of the inputs, chosen using the time node. I will post a screen shot soon.