scenes incomplete

im currently working on a snooker table and my problem is that when i render the scene there are chunks of the table missing they just appear black.

ive tried changing the lighting positions and lighting types but ive had no success.

please help

Did you try increasing the clip end value of the camera?


yeah but its still the same

its also still the same when i move the camera to different positions

Are the normals on the black parts pointing out (or the same way as the rest)?


try removing doubles as well.

I was getting some weird double faces…

I had mirrored two sides of a head and when I joined them (removed doubles)
some of the “faces” were double but verts were correct, no double or extra verts!! and not a normal issue.

in object mode I changed to face mode, then change back to edit mode and the face was darkblue, not light blue… deleted face only then clicked “f” and single face created… light blue, this was causing dark patches on raytracing, but not scanline.

I think it’s very likely that you do not have any faces in these areas. Click three or four points which are on the same plane, then press ‘F’ to make a face between them.

As you recall, a polygon model consists of three basic elements: - vertices: a three-dollar word for a “point” in space; - edges: a buck-fifty word for a line connecting two points; and … - faces: visible areas occupying a single plane and bounded by three or four points. Of these, only faces are “visible,” have textures, and so-forth.