Scenes Objects for a Noob to try modeling

Just curious what are some simple things I could try modeling? My first model was of a simple snowman with hat.

whatever your feeling. if you can’t come up with anything, try modelling a very simple house. Roof, door, windows, simple stuff.

The first thing I modelled was a really simple sword.
If thats not your thing then maybe try modelling simple household objects you can have in front of you; cup, pen, plate etc

My first was a pencil with eyes…
But I think a good thing to do would probably be your computer monitor or something.

the first thing i made was a tiki head!

You could try modeling a soda can. It’s simple, but there’s several differernt ways to model it so you get the added bonus of learning differen’t techniques if you try modeling it a couple of times, all of which will get easier everytime ;). Plus results generally look good no matter who you are which is allways nice on the moral :wink: