Scenes or .blends?

If I were to have multiple levels in my game, what would be the best way to handle it, having multiple .blends that are opened using the game actuator or having mutiple scenes in one blend that would be loaded and unloaded using the scene actuator? Would having a save system effect which method I should use?

I’d reccomend you to use .blends, sometimes it helps out. In rate occasions it is more complicated.

I would use linked blend files (as described in my signature).

It depends on what you want and like.

  • if you aim for the avarage pc and not the p4 ones then all in 1 blend would be an easy setup.
  • if you want better speeds and aim for lower end pc’s then using libload would help a big time.

But if you combine them then you get more power into the blends and you are then able to make a loading bar.
This loading bar is a real one no faking.

And if you have a small game, then dont even worry about blends i would recommend scenes for the easy/fast way of creating a small game.

Wait, there’s a way to make a real loading bar, not a fake one? Could you elaborate on how to do this? Also, thanks for the replies everyone.


With libload you can load while the game continues. But currently it can’t tell you how much is already loaded.

You could split the load into several chunks. This way you can determine the progress by yourself. E.g you have 15 junks this means 5 junks loaded = 33%.

Okay, thanks for all your help. I think Ill use a combination of the two methods, with .blends for whole levels and scenes for different parts of each level.