Scenes outside of RAM?

(Rangel) #1

Hi guys!
I´m still trying to figure out a way to increase performance for my “Brasilia 3D” huge world game project done in Blender.
One of the biggest problems that hurt compatibility is the fact that the whole world (done in a single scene, for visibility pourpose) gets loaded into RAM, even the not visible parts taken care by the built in Blender culling. As soon as the game starts, Blender Player´s RAM usage jumps up to 800MB (the scene has a ot of textures)!
I had this idea: if I divide the world in section scenes and work with a Python LOD scripts (there´s a few done by members of Elysiun), could the hi-res scenes not be loaded into RAM at startup, but just when requested?
One detail: the loading / unloading of scenes has to be seamless (without any lag). So I think we couldn´t use diferent Blend fies for this.
Thank you.

(z3r0 d) #2

unfortunately it isn’t possible to load new meshes once the game engine has started

(Doc Holiday) #3

Maybe You can realize a kind of Sectors. If You make all Objects of a Sector Child to an other Object (maybe an Empty), You have just to add/end only this one Object to show or remove the whole Sector-Objects. I think this can be done by a Script.
Just an Idea. :smiley: