Scenes with Blender

Not sure where to post this question… am working on a tutorial… am using Blender 2.72B
in the tutorial, Andrew Price moves the smoke emitter and domain to a new scene… he pressed
Ctrl+L to send it to the scene he called Smoke. then he deleted it from the layer he created it on
in the main Scene… his smoke emitter and domain and the lamps appeared on the Smoke Scene…
I did what he did and Mine does NOT appear in the Smoke Scene… I did the same thing with the
camera and now am showing a camera on Smoke scene, but not the other stuff… if I look in the outliner
there is showing a “Smoke” scene there and all the objects that make up the smoke emitter and domain and the
lamps that are with it… but in the scene in the 3D viewer… they are not there…

anyone know why… I’ve tried this several times and it does not show in the 3D window


Can you show us where in the tutorial he does that? I think you are misinterpreting what he’s doing. If you delete something in the source scene that is linked in another scene, that other scene doesn’t have anything to link to. Linked duplicates need an original to duplicate.

Okay… Never mind… I got it… figured out the problem and it is there now…


It does work… I was looking at the Smoke Scene in the wrong layer… when you do Ctrl+L it puts a copy of it into the new scene on same layer and I had hit the wrong layer under Smoke… once I got the linked copy into Smoke Scene, I deleted the original in the other scene but still had problems trying to get the smoke to render… I gave up on it and created it another way by putting my smoke emitter and domain into the same layer and scene as my title and the other particles emitter for the rocks… but am having issues with my Plane (the ground), at some point, I lost the collision working right… I had it set so the rocks did not go through the floor… I set the damp to 1 and the friction to 1 and it was working til I added the smoke to the scene that he did… now I can’t get the rocks to quit falling through the floor by frame 25. Been searching online trying to find a solution to fix my problem with the ground…
I have been watching his tutorial he is doing an animated title…