Schecter C-1 with Floyd Rose

This is a model I’ve been working on and off for about a year. I don’t play guitar, but I saw this in Musician’s Friend and decided to get some hi-res photos and model it. I also used my brother’s guitar for a reference on modeling the locking tremolo.
I know it’s missing a few parts right now [output jack and logo on the headstock, let me know if there are others] but I’m looking for more critique on the materials and the general anatomy and proportions of the guitar.


looks great from here…for better crits give some close ups of different parts

the pick ups need some little screws under each string and to be a little taller (closer to the strings)… at least it seems like it from that angle there. I would be interested in seeing some closeups. Otherwise that’s an amazing job. How many polys?



Full Render [due to subsurf and curve resolutions]

also, the photos i’m using don’t have the little screws under each string on the pickups.
i’ll upload some close-ups tomorrow, it does take a while to render.

Alright, here’s a closeup of the bridge, with no raytracing to save on time. If you look closely, you’ll notice that I’ve conjured up the precision to add a wound texture to the first three strings:)