Schnifles the Butler

I was working on my Mr. Potato Head project, when out of nowhere an idea popped into my head to make a butler. I’ll make a movie of him moving through the house cleaning and everything, complaining to the camera how he’s overworked and underpayed, etc. The idea may not seem so great to anyone else, but it sounds great to me. I’m actually gonna spend some time on this one, rather than work on it for a day and just kinda forget about it. This is the 3rd face I’ve done. Well, it’s not really close to being done yet, so it will be my 3rd face. This time I’m planning ahead w/ the mesh. Before I just figured I’d fix the problems later, but now I’m setting up for everything and making the mesh clean and symmetrical. Here’s what I have so far :

C & C are welcome.

Lookin’ good. I admire your work so far and think this is a great idea. Should prove to be a funny animation. Are you going to do the voicework yourself?

Also, what age range is the butler going to be in? I usually think of butler’s being older. I don’t see any signs of age on your mesh yet, so I’m not sure if you just were making him younger or adding that stuff later.

Thanks lalawen. I am going to do the voicework my self. He will be older. I’ll add the age signs later. Here’s another update :

It’s coming along…slowly, but still coming along.

It looks great but the face looks kind of flat. I dont know, it could just be me.

I think your idea with the butler is great. I really like his eyes, but I agree with strongbad that his face is a little flat.

Yeah it is kinda flat. I didn’t fix that yet. I will after I get the major facial features done. I added some “hair”. That’s it. Not a significant change, but I figured I’d just upload it anyway.

I’ve reworked the mesh a little and added some color…just solid color; I’m still trying to decide if I want that toon look like in my “Toon Me” video, or I want to reach for the stars and go for realism. I don’t know, but I should probably stop posting after every change I make, though. Anyway, here’s an update :

C & C are welcome and would be much appreciated.

lol I don’t mind you posting after every change you make, I like seeing updates, they’re interesting

I like the expression… but I don’t like the lips. They look like they’re stuck on, like gum.

i agree with paroneayea… i dont particularly like the lips

can we see a wire?


Like the two before me, I don’t care much for those lips. I can’t wait to see what he’ll look like with the age signs though.

Thanks for pointing that out. I haven’t fixed them yet, though. I haven’t been as fixated on this one project. I made my first game, a three level maze game. But now I’m back on this project. I’ve modeled most of the upper body. There’s still much work to be done, but, slowly but surely, it’s getting there.

Please C & C. It would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve finished the body and the basic walkcycle, so here’s the body…

…and here’s the basic walkcycle

It still needs work…a lot of it.

I have a problem. The armature has almost 50 bones. In the Action window, even when I make it full screen, I can’t see all the bones. Is there a way to scroll up or something? Or at least select the keys an entire column at a time? Help is much needed, comments and crits appreciated.

To scroll up and down in the action editor: hold the middle mouse button and drag.

hope that helps. good luck with your animation.

Thanks, Sketchy. Here is what I have of the movie so far…

Click here to watch butler2

It’s not much, but it’s a start. This is gonna be like a movie trailer. The continuation of the video here will be him picking up a plate or something off the table, then it will cut to the “butler alarm”, which will flash red light and make sound. Then he’ll spin into an elevator hidden in the wall. The camera will cut to the elevator in the “Butler Cave” where he will step off and dash to the Butlermobile(he’ll mysteriously be wearing a mask as he steps out of the elevator). He’ll reach for the door, say, “Oops, I missed a spot,” pull out a rag and clean the butlermobile, get in and drive away.

Hey lookin good so far! :smiley: I’ve not tried animation yet with blender, but your walk cycle looks pretty good to me!. Maybe just moving his left forearm to the right a bit when it’s on it’s way forward would give a little bit more swing to his movement. The models pretty good far too, I’ve got my doubts about the lips as well though . Nice work so far.

Thanks, Levi. I’ve made a few changes to the scene. I’ve added a lot of stuff to the kitchen and fixed a few problems.

Click here to watch butler3

And here’s a render of the final 80 frames. I’ve changed the way he picks up the plate, along with a few other things :

Click here to watch butler4

I’ve made more changes, but I won’t be rendering again till I get most or all of the anim finished.

A small update :

This is the butlermobile. With Batman, the batmobile kinda resembled…well…it was based on a bat…sort of. In the Batman movies it had those webbed wings and everything. I spent a long time trying to figure out what to base the butlermobile on. Then it struck me like a ton of bricks (not really, at first I was kind of wishywashy, but then I warmed up to the idea)…a sweeper. It would look a little weird having a big upright hoover rolling down the street, so I based my model on a handvac. You probably can’t tell from the angle of the image, but trust me, it is based on a handvac. Sorry the image is so small.

I’m rendering the nearly complete anim right now. Nearly complete in the sense that, as of now, it’s finished, but I’m sure after I watch it I’ll realize I left something out and have to re-render it. Right now it’s rendering at about 30 secs per frame, but I’m sure that number will increase. So I’ll post the video when it’s done. I’m gonna leave it render over night.

The nearly finished video is rendered. As I predicted, I have found numerous flaws that I need to tend to : the butler’s towel looks way too stiff and it kind of cuts into his arm in the beginning. Also(I was going to do this anyway) I need to add in the sound and the titles and all. There’s a lot more. At the end of the video he’s wiping off the butlermobile before he gets in it, then turns to the camera and says, “You can never be too clean, folks!” You can’t tell without sound, though, so I had to tell you that. Take a look at it if you get a chance and tell me what you think about it :

Click here to watch butler7


It’s finished. I know it could be better, but I’m happy with it overall. Please give me some feed back so I know how I did. This is the biggest project I’ve ever done in Blender(pathetic, huh?) Here’s the completed video :

Click here to watch Butlerman

…and here’s a still…

…and here’s the Butlerman logo…

Thanks a lot for your help in aiding the completion of this project.