school class

hello guys…
i just made my first interior scene all done with blender default lighting,


This really is BI? If so, this is great work, though you might want to brighten it a weeny bit, seems a little dull in there.

Hey thanks,yes that’s BI,and also i use blender node for post production…Ok i brighten it up,thanks for the input…

Nice render!

Simple and nice, could go for details now.

that looks really good! , when people said dull coloring, I thought about the class room from Little House on the Prairie

thank’s guys,…yeah im adding the detail right now,i’ll post it back soon…

hahahahahaha…silent hill was my sort of inspiration but…"little house on the prairie"that’s so true i just realized…Thank’s

Looks good! Hard to believe it’s blender internal!

very nice, great atmosphere

Same scene with details…

How come the classroom has an old style record player, but a brand new 20th century microscope? Also the texturing on the piano doesn’t look quite right to me. Was the piano modeled from a reference? Overall, very good. Just critiquing it from an artist perspective. Technically it is well done although as others have said you should continue to play with the lighting.

I will say that my “first glance” impression (of #10) is that it is, indeed, a classroom. I’d suggest putting the out-of-focus suggestion of “something outside the window.” You can simply comp-in a couple of posters/billboards, without re-rendering what you have. The general exposure levels and tonal range look good. A little color-balancing, also “after the fact,” might be nice to warm-up the lighting a bit, give a little more yellow or sepia-tone or what have you.

I can see “details in the shadows” and, with the exception of the blown-out windows (which can receive a poster, as I said…), “details in the whites.” Very important; very good.

You can always fine-tune detail. But first, you have to nail the basic shot. And you have done that: the arrow is sticking squarely out of the center of the target. Continue to pull histograms on the shot and use the other color-analysis tools (vectorscope, etc.) which are available either in Blender 2.5x or in external programs. I find it helps considerably to be able to quantify “what my eyes subjectively see.”

Second render looks much better than the first one. Especially the lighting. Great work.

Just one thing. When I think back - my classroom always was much bigger. Compared this ones tiny. So it doesn’t give me the first impression “oh its a classroom”.

One thing however is just the same. At THAT time no one was studying anymore. ^^

Great render and concept!
Two suggestions:
1-Add something to focus on—it could be something that’s been written on the blackboard
2-Add some outside image, even if it’s out of focus. Right now, the room seems to be floating in the air

hey thanks for all you guys input…i.appriciate it

This looks really well, it has nice atmosphere and details, and most of all I love that it uses Blender Internal, showing its potential for interior renders!
I really like it. To offer a bit of criticism too, there are two points that caught my eye: the texture on the piano looks bit exagerated, I’m not sure a piano would have that large scale wood grain, and being in the foreground you see too much of it. The second is the big cabinet on the far wall, it has the brightest colour in all the scene and that brings it forward visually, though it is a background, less important piece. Maybe you sould keep that a muted tone and get a color accent with some objects on the benches? I would even try to make it white, blending with the wall behind it, that would make it look less heavy. That said, great job!