School help plz

Hello all as not many of you know I am only 12 soon to be 13. I am homeschooled and don’t have many friends because I am hs. Anyway to get to the point I need help! I have to do an Oral Assignment for school and I always choke when I talk over the phone. I could stand up and speak to thousands of people if it was about the computer but something about talking to one person on school topic over the phone scares the pants off me. I need tips and fast. I said I needed to study over again and he said ok. Oh and btw this oral assignment is for a 10th grade course in which I am only supposed to be in 7th. Ugh man I tell you it’s hard to do something 3 grade above you. Anyway I am supposed to study to lessons and he could ask a question on anything form those lessons. If you guys could give me som advice that would be great!

sorry for spelling mistakes I am just frigen nervous!

here is what i usualy do when i have oral exams: just go through the most likely things for them to ask you and practice with that!:eyebrowlift:

hope it helps!

I’m home schooled myself, but I really never had the problem of being nervous about talking to people. Strangely I hate talking to people on phones also, I have talked in front of groups of 400+ before and that doesn’t bother me one bit. But as soon as I get on the phone I get nervous too. Weird. :spin:

But when I do have to talk to people on the phone I guess I just try not to think about talking to a person over the phone, and that I am just talking to them in front of me. Study up for what you need to do, and just do it. Try not to think about it too much.