school hypocrisy

I wonder if anyone else had the same experience as I did. In art class we were told to look through a pile of magazines, pick out a page, cut it in squares and fill out the missing pieces, well I found a magazine on model photography, which was in the schools cabinet in there stock pile, I choose a naked women model, cut it up in squares, left every other piece out and draw in the missing pieces, I figure that since it was from the school that it would be OK to use as an art project. Long and behold it was given to the principle to be use against me with all the other “distasteful” things that I did in school. When I was sent to the principle office I was “shocked” that they included my art project that was found in “there” piles of magazines. It was school property, I did nothing wrong, but they held it against me anyways. Had anyone else experience this behavior.

For me high school was 10ish years ago, [sarcasm] but is good to know things haven’t changed. [/sarcasm]

My time in Grade School was terrible, full of people who from my perspective they all claimed they wanted to help but never wanted to understand the problem. They always wanted to neatly categorize the issue into something they already knew and understood. Some really tried to help but most were petty and loved abusing power over students. I was reprimanded once for correcting the teacher on the order of the planets. On the bright side, I did have a few cool teachers that would actually listen and did care.

Nothing in high school really matters, except your grades. I hate to say it, but suck it up and do your best academically, go to a great college, get a great job. Do something actually important and forgot about all the people who made a really big deal over something as trivial as one naked picture in one magazine that hurt zero people.

lol i got arrested and kicked out of school and sent to juvy for saying ASS to my friend on the bus.

You are simply experiencing the same thing so many artists do.
Michael Angelo once sculpted a naked Jesus.

There are other horrible and offensive pieces of art out there too, like King David for example:

Or perhaps this terribly offensive graphic from the Sistine Chapel:

Just follow your heart, and use this as a lesson. One that’s not in the school books.

lol she was blowing him lmao

Sorry to hear that, I actually never had any bad relations with my school. Then again the only bad relations I had were net trolls laughs

Well at least you can smash trolls with ban hammers, only if you could do the same in real life…

Some people are immature and some cultures are immature
but some still believe it is the best in earth.

If you go and live outside the USA you will see how far the
US has to catch up in culture and civil freedom.

i’m in high school. now i, personally, wouldn’t pick a naked person (i just can’t handle it). but i do know that school systems can be fairly unreasonable. one of the things i didn’t like when i was in the public school system was the fact they sent you to detention JUST BECAUSE YOU WERE LATE! that, compared to assaulting the nearest peer, is a minor offense. in art, i would have chosen a different subject. the reason why is because they are going to either assume it’s from a distasteful magazine or they are going to prescribe a visit to the school psychiatrist.

I’ve read a comment someone wrote to our local newspaper where in one of the poorer performing schools in my hometown, teachers actually give a little too much tolerance to misbehaving students doing things like standing on their desk.

In some school systems the discipline is quite strict, but others see teachers give leeway to the point where lessons are heavily disrupted on a daily basis, the whole issue of poor performance is, in a way, a mixture of a lack on the teacher’s part to provide student discipline, teachers in cases having too much leeway on misbehavior, lack of motivation in students, and the lack of parental involvement in a child’s education.

So it’s not a simple “blame the teachers” or “blame the parents”, the problem is more complex than that.

On the notion of allowed content in art class, I will say in the least that a line should be drawn to not allow subjects that could easily offend students, faculty, and parents, art class is about education in artistic techniques and styles, not the fostering of interests in PG-13/R-rated material.

i think in future you shouldnt push the boundaries, they probably told you off because they didnt want people to know you found that picture in the school :stuck_out_tongue:

With art, you gotta go with your instincts. Your instincts told you to draw a naked woman. You did the right thing.

No matter how much school sucks, you can learn valuable skills and knowlege there, especially about interacting with people. Personally, I can get an A or a B in just about any class but I can’t stand the boredom of a classroom so I never am able to finish any classes (college) that I start. Perhaps school is not for you either. Do as many things and go to as many places as you can when you are young so that you may gain perspective about the world and are able to choose realistic goals that fit your personality. If school helps you reach the goals you have, then it’s the right thing for you. If it doesn’t, then it might not be.

Have a talk with the coolest teacher you know at lunch or something. A lot of cool teachers hated school when they were young too and that’s why they try so hard.

Some teacher are simply cartography of structures of power while others are brilliant images of the individual pupil’s ability to resist and revolt. Let not defeat rule you for the rest of your life. The society is trenched into sides with losers and winners, and those transfer between these realms.

All Art is open to criticism and all criticism is based on personal experience.
I can imagine that your principle saw the humorous side but felt that in his/her experience these “distasteful” things you did in school were having a negative effect on the other pupils.
I mean some things are fine to display in a gallery. But I can tell you I’ve seen a sixty something year old artist drop his pants during a performance and its not a pretty sight. I certainly wouldn’t want to go to a school were some old boy runs around flashing his bits in the name of art.
I’m not suggesting that this is comparable to the “distasteful” things you’ve done, but if you think your adult enough to produce adult art. You should be adult enough to know how to take on responsibility.
Like I said your principle probably saw the funny side but he/she is responsible for all his/her pupils and not just you. Given what I can gather from your attitude I don’t think his/her decision will have any long term psychological effects.
P.S. Keep up the good work.

The more I read the more I really do not want to have my kids go to school in this country.
I wish you guys would be able to study abroad and see this through my eyes.

It is not the case that we never caused trouble but it was all on a different level and scale.

I never really understand that notion of needing to rebel as a teen but that might be because
teens here seem to have much less freedom and right of self expression but at the same time
also a lack of discipline which while growing up provides you with a direction you need.

Seems to me like a paradox I still cannot figure out.

So we allow teens to do more things without consequence in our society so they have less of a need to rebel, but then where do we stop?

What if teens were rebelling by cutting school or sneaking into local attractions to avoid ticket prices, do we allow that then?

What about teens going 80 miles per hour in 40 MPH zones and running red lights to feel rebellious, or they were doing it arguing they were late to an appointment or group activity, do we allow that then?

If we give in by making changes to give them more freedom, they’ll push the boundaries even more, if we then keep giving in by allowing them to do more things they were once doing in rebellion to rules and regulation, we will eventually end up with anarchy and the end of public departments like the police (and if that happened, better grab a gun because you might need it).

teens and children are naturally rebellious.
i speak with some experience (being a teenager myself).
you see, most people my age disdain and look down upon our parents because they setup rules that appear to limit our fun. the problem is, those rules are there for our protection.
an example from my life:
my parents told me that i was not allowed to date until i had proved myself responsible (able to support both me and the girl i would be dating).
now i was fine with that. i entirely agreed. but my fellow students would always ask “why do you listen to your parents?” or “you can go on a date here. your at school. your parents won’t know”

i would always reply with this: “i listen to my parents because they know what’s best for me. i won’t date anyone at my age because:
A) my parents said no and
B)i don’t think i am responsible enough to handle it.
and even if i was allowed to date at my age i won’t date anyone here because:
A) i’m not interested in dating yet and
B) no one in the public school system is interesting to me.
so that is my last word on it.”

if anyone can see the wisdom in that reply, then you probably understand that it takes listening to our parents to keep us safe.

what happened to the other students who may have disobeyed their parents and dated at school? they all had their lives destroyed because they either impregnated a girl, contracted an STD, or had their feeling hurt very bad.

parents need to set rules to protect their children (if they truly love them).
all rebellion does is destroy.
and that is all a teenager wants to do.

Like the other guy said, suck it up, get good grades, and move on. High school is way too much drama for such a short time in people’s lives. Here’s an idea: make whatever art you want and find someplace to hang it, galleries, restaurants, whatever. Then invite your principal and teacher to the opening :wink:

I believe in freedom of expression, I also believe in encouraging individuality.

There is a form of art where the artist seeks to go beyond him/herself, to question culture, its underlying philosophies and politics, his/her position within that culture and his/her relation to the underlying philosophies and politics, and I believe this should be encouraged. After all if we truly understood culture we would not seek to become a cultural cliche. Unless off course we were in the unlikely situation of being born into a culture which was a perfect reflection of our individuality.

There is another form of art where the artist seeks attention and notoriety. Its a fecal art, a form of anal aggression, where the artist shits on everything for no other reason than it pisses everyone off. He/she falsely believes that he/she has created something of real value, ( because off the resulting attention ), when in actual fact they have achieved nothing but the delusions of their own ego. Some would argue that at the base of this kind of fecal art is a desire to question culture. I’m not sure I agree. If the end result is special attention, notoriety and celebrity, then perhaps at its base is a sense of inferiority. Should this kind of art be discouraged ?. Well as long as we see it for what it is, we can safely ignore it and encourage the artist to see through the delusion ( unless off course some smart ass does actually start shitting on everything, and then it becomes a health hazard ) .

Up to this point I’m referring to art and artists in general, but when it comes to a special case like a school environment then we must also consider those pupils with genuine talent and depth. If there is the possibility that they may begin to believe that the measure of art is judged by the the degree of notoriety or controversy. Then its up to us as educators to draw the line, after all we’re supposed to know the difference between real artistic endeavour and attention seeking. and if one pupils attention seeking is detrimental to the whole class or even the whole school. It really ought to be curtailed otherwise we would fail in our responsibilities.
P.S. when I say educators, I mean we all present our ideas to the world with a view that they have some validity, and if we want others to accept them we must accept responsibility for them.

Its not a crime to be different but if in being different you create a set off rules or ideas which harm the younger members of the community because they are not yet emotionally mature enough to deal with those ideas or rules, then it may be that your questioning of morality or ethics in the form of a work of art may not have sufficient depth. It may be that you are seeking to replace one authority with another which is much more immature and less considered.

P.S. Marcel Duchamp presented the ready made, a urinal, to an enthusiastic market.
He wrote of it later, I gave them a toilet and they made it into art,
So you see not only did he take the piss but he continued to take the piss afterwards.
One thing we can say about Duchamp is that he knew culture and he also knew his position in it. So you see its possible to be radical, to be independent, to have a sense of humour and be successful.