School logo contest

My school is putting on a contest for the best freshman year logo. I have decided to participate in this contest. The only problem is, right now I am having a brain block and cannot think of anything to do right now. If I can have some suggestions, they would be very much appreciated.
Some details about my school that might help you come up with ideas-
My schools colors are red, white, and blue. My schools name is Frontier Academy. Also, my schools mascot are the wolverines. I only have three weeks to complete something for the contest and I am an intermediate in blender so I cannot do anything to hard. Thank you for your help!

You could do an image of the Rocky Mountains with maybe an American flag above or behind it. That gets both your school colors and the “Frontier” concept together. Plus, a mountain and a flag wouldn’t be too hard to model.

This is an interesting idea. I will wait and see if anybody else has any suggestions also. I was hoping to make the design cool enough to win but small and simple.

:cool: I’m making logos for my school so this what I’ve done. I’m probably on the same level as you in blender so try combining the school intials into the logo. YOu F and A Frontier Academy. Also (if you know how) use nodes or UV editing to put into the logo you make. Not only is the logo you make is important but how it is represented in the picture. I mean what does you school stand for and what does it specialize in are important things to consider when you make your picture,

Just a suggestion:cool:

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do a University of Michigan football player… that should win

do a University of Michigan football player… that should win

Is that sarcasim? Smells like tuna.

I that case, what about something along the lines of…
Sweet F.A. ?


If you go with the mountian thing, maybe slip a wolverine in there.

Are there any restrictions for this competition?

No there are not any restrictions on this competition. I am allowed to use blender and any post production that I decide to do. I can do anything that represents the school.

A cartoon wolverine blasting off into space(the final frontier) in a retro style rocketship(ala “Jimmy Nuetron”) with red, white, and blue flames shooting out the back.

I like the idea of the mountain.
But I can give you a piece of advice: keep it simple.
That is to say, use as little as possible colors, as little as possible detail and as little as possible space.
Usually such logos win competitions; they are short and powerful.

Okay, thank you all for your replies. I will go with something simple, perhaps the mountain idea. Please continue with ideas though in case the mountains don’t work out.

Sorry it’s been a little while since I’ve posted here. Alright I had an idea to put the picture of the wolverine over a planet so here is the wolverine logo that the school currently uses-

I have made three different options. One with the moon-

One with mars-

And one with the earth-

These of course may be easily edited for whatever reasons. Please tell me what one you like the best and if there is any editing that would make it better.

I am a graphic designer for Red Oak Sportsware and I head up all new school logos that come to us. I take peoples (uasually students) work and turn them into useable vector art. I can tell you that in order for your design to work, it would have to not be in 3d, or have more than 3 or 4 colors. We work with all Universities around the USA and major sports teams also, If you are looking into seriosly making this work you will not use blender or any 3d at all. My suggestion is find a Vector drawing program and use that. If you cant get illustrator there is 1 free one out there ( I cant remember the name but google helps)

When I was learning to do school logos one rule stuck out, “It must look good in black and white too” So see if this helps. You may find a good job one day or a good art school if you can pull this off.

Well thank you. The contest for the design is now over and the judges have decided to use a very very simplified version of mine on the back of the T-shirt. On the front they have decided to use another person’s idea. They have put me in charge of designing both the simplfied version of the planets and the other design. So I have been working on this other design and here is the work I have done so far-
They want to use a “Smarties” candy package but replace the text on the wrapper from “Smarties” to “Freshies.” They told me they wanted the text to be in cursive but on further inspection I found out that the text on the wrapper was not in cursive but in regular print.-
Anyway, I started with writing the cursive word “Freshie”. The I scanned it and used inkscape to convert to vector graphics. Then I saved that to bmp format. I then Got a picture of a smarties package and erased the original text using the gimp and replaced it with the “Freshies” text.-

Then I decided to do one with the regular typed text-
Tell me what you think

well, to start off, try to find a more matching text. something bold, caps, and slab serif. definitely not arial. In fact, you are better off never using arial again, ever ever ever.

Courier matches much better. Bold.

Also, you have the letters turned and italic’d, it appears. You want to turn and skew it so that the edges remain parallel to the ends of the tube. It may actually be a better effect if you did this one in 3d, as the pixelization of the smarties picture it is based on is very blurry. You could attempt to remove the frame from and replace some lines. That would look more professional. If you don’t care, then it will work just fine.

I was REALLY bored at work, we are waiting for BOWL announcements for the games. So I decided to be a good forum member and help you out a bit. If you are screen printing these (and I assume you are) This will print with out using more colors than most screen printers allow. We use a max of 8 colors at my company and thats for all mass produced shirts. If you take this to a screen printer they should be able to use it better than a photo.

If you wanna use this I can post the illustrator file.

Wow! you sure saved me a lot of time on this project! Thanks for helping me. You sure you don’t mind me using this?
I don’t have adobe illustrator though. What file format woudl that be? Inkscape can open ai.svg files.

Been working on the simplified earth with wolverine over it-

Very simple