School project: architectural render

Doing this for an art class and I figured it would help to get some feedback from you guys. Sorry I haven’t been working on my ‘bullets’ thread…cause I’ve been working on this. My goal is photorealism in Blender Internal. I also hope to do some renders in Indigo though.


I’m more of an engineer, but I’ll try to give you some artistic advice. What kind of mood do you plan to give this room? Is it a cheerful morning kind of room or a comforting evning kind of room?

in a scene like this which would have lots of ray bounces, it’s really tough to get decent results with BI. For example, in that picture over there you will probably need at least an area light at the floor where the sunlight patch is to simulate only the first bounce off the floor- indigo saves a lot of unnecessary hassle there, so you can focus more on modeling.

Have you tried looking at a room lit by the sun through two large windows. Stopping to look at and analyze what you are seeing in real life can really help. This is hardly a good example of photo realism, but when I made this I was paying close attention to how much the sun bounced around and where I got reflections. I think you might have more bright spots on the ceiling. The other question I have regards the railing, shouldn’t that cast shadows? or am I just looking at it wrong?

I havent really decided what kind of mood I’m going for…I also have another room(living room) adjacent to this…I’m going to go for a fancier brighter feel like this:

Its been a while since I updated this here’s a new render:

Dang, no comments?
Anyway here’s a chair I’ve been working on today. :slight_smile:
Sorry for the poor lighting, I’m still trying to learn vray.

Here’s a BI render…pretty basic, no real textures yet just to show the detail.

Please tell me what you think!

Ah, very nice. The chair backs seem to have some noise/distortion to the mesh, which is good, but both chairs look identical, and the second thing I notice is that pattern. If you set these up around a table, it will be kind of like have a tiled pattern. anyway, just me two cents.

That distortion is actually some sculpt to make it feel more like fabric, I’m going to change up the sculpt on each chair for the final render…I’ll probably get it done when I texture these chairs, hopefully tomorrow. :slight_smile:
BTW here’s another practice render in vray, just testing lighting and some basic materials. Please let me know what you think.

Higher rez

I’m starting to work on some lighting and some materials, here’s what I have so far, the ‘table’ is just for an idea of perspective. The GI is what is making the back of the wall blue.


those are nice models and renders… i like the sculpt effect on the back of chairs…you are getting close to the sketch, but i think you need more models and details… they are as much important as the main models themselves. they also help add details to the bounces of GI… your last render is a very over-exposed… it also has just one color tone which is boring… put a rag with a different color and add the details i was talking about to give it more depth, color and beauty…

hope you succeed in the school project :slight_smile:


I’m going to start working on the props now. I was just trying to get a feel for the scene. I apologize for the lighting, I’m still working on lighting in vray. It’s coming along nicely though. I’m not entirely satisfied with the table texture or model yet. But, I think that it will change when I do the rest of the room, depending on the feel I go for. I know this is coming slowly, but I’m only spending an hour or so a day. I don’t want to burn myself out. I agree that it is a bit boring right now with the color scheme, but hopefully that changes!

Anyway here’s an update, still having issues with the lighting, also the railing texture is rendering odd:

High rez:


Some more updates, lighting still weak I cant figure out how to turn down the energy on the sun. Cloth was done with sculpt. No texture on the cloth yet. I’ve begun modelling the ‘hutch’. Changed the legs on the table, not satisfied though, I may just redo it completely. The bump is too much on the wood.

you should make a lighting tutorials…For like noobs like myself

VERY SICK! the renders(some) look like normal pictures!

Hope you get an A

Though I disagree with lilgrudgeboy on the fact that they look like photos, yet atleast, you’ve made good progress. The light is as little intense in the last few pictures. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

WOOT! 200th POST!

Thanks guys,

I got some more updates. Started on a chandelier, which needs to be raised up a bit. Still can’t get the lighting to render correct, for some reasone everything in the sun renders white? Still need to redo the table…I’m going to do that first thing tomorrow. I’m also not satisfied with the cloth…I either will resculpt or do a cloth bake which means a lot of time :frowning: I think I like the floor besides it being to exposed though, and maybe slightly less reflective. There appears to be normal issues on the railings, which is why not all of it is reflecting. Please let me know what I should improve.

My models don’t seem any good compared to all these amazing blending life entries :’(
I fixed up the lighting, not perfect, but better now. I also have a new table and added a sheet of glass, I don’t know why its rendering such odd artifacts, I’ll look into that. The glass on the chandelier is also odd. Need to adjust the scale a little on the table…maybe another texture, but the model is final.

Havent updated in a while, figured out my problem with the lamps :slight_smile: Forgot to remove doubles. Anyways, here’s (more or less) the finished chandelier:

hello could you help me with using materials please?
I did uv unwrap loded the texture then make a new mat with the same texture and chose UV maping but the object is just dark as the material but there is any structure on it.
do you have any suggestion?

thank you


pm me with your .blend (make sure to pack the textures [file > external data > pack into .blend]) or post a screen and I’ll see If I can help you.

Here’s an update: