School Project. Help with 3D modeling.

Working on a video game for a school project and I looking for modeling assistance. The rest of the class has premade assets as they are following a book. Do to my prior experience with Unity my teacher has allowed me to make a separate independent game. The game I am creating is a 3D recreation of Asteroids. I have a good percent of the programming done I just need assistance in modeling some assets. I would also like to learn a few things about modeling with Blender. I would really appreciate some help. If you are interested you can reply here or email me at [email protected]. Thank you for your time. Looking forward to a reply :smiley:

I might be able to help a bit? Could you PM me more details?

yeah, maybe i could help out too. could u put up a list of the assets u need?

I think I can help you. Could you send me a PM though?

The assets I am looking for are two planets and a sun. An asteroid model. Finally a spaceship. I am not sure on its design. Just to resemble a fighter plane. Something sleek, and looks like it has speed. Thank you for all of the replies :smiley:

ok, i just finished it
the blend file contains:
earth, venus, mars, sun, moon and 2 asteroids (low and high poly asteroids). everything is pretty low poly, but u can get a smoother look with the subsurf modifier.
sorry i’m unable to help out with the spaceship. and sorry if my lowpoly asteroid looks funny. normal-baking isnt one of my strong points in blender

it’s raining at the moment and my internet keeps breaking up. i’ll upload the blend file as soon as the weather clears up

as for the spaceship, if u r up for it, just visit and search for the spaceship tutorial

ok, i think the upload function on this site is broken or sth. could i email it to u instead? if u r concerned about sharing ur email address publicly, just PM me

Email address is in the original post. But here it is again: [email protected]

Just like to say thank you to everyone that has decided to help! Many models have come in, more than I expected. Again thank you, I really appreciate the help!

:smiley: silly me…i must have missed the email part

ok, i just emailed it…
good luck with the spaceship!