School project...need some guidance ;)

I’m gonna make a effect film for a school project. And I would like to use blender to do it. The idea is to use real people in a 3D enviroment.

I got acess to a green screen so it should work.

The plot is this, a guy is dreaming and wakes up inside a rose. He tries to get out by hitting the rose leafes. It won’t open and he is trapped.

Then you will see a big view outside the rose. You will see the rose…and that it starts to rain. When it rains the rose’s leafes should pop up and the guy will be free. Then he looks to the sky and sees the shining sun.

The video fades into white…and he wakes up in the classroom.

I have never done something like this before, I think the camera can’t be moving, but the 3D enviroment should. So the camera just sit’s without moving and records a video of the person when he is doing things infront of the green screen.

Then in order to make the camera move, I need to animate the 3D enviroment. I’m ab it confused, and wonder if someone could tell me how to do this. Also how would you create rain in blender? Could you use water simulation?

Thanks a lot…:rolleyes:

how much time have you got? your talking about a significant amount of digital assest creation, simulation, match moves, compositing and thats ignoring any live action stuff. you’ve asked fairly basic questions such as ‘could you use water simulation’ which yes you can, but considering the complexity of each of the parts you’re interested in, you would need probably a year to pull it off to any decent level. thats learning all all the skills you’d need, and creating all the stuff… if you’ve got loads of time, then yes, what you ask is most definitely possible, but if you dont have a LOT of time and dedication, then you might want to think of something else…

Is it really that hard? We are talking about a 1 min clip here. No complex modeling, animation of the leaves poping up is easy to animate. And modeling the rose shouldn’t be a problem.

The hard thing would be using the clips of the guy moving around and matching it to the rendered rose area. Maybe not having a moving camera at all would solve the problem? And instead having some fancy flower or something inside the rose that the guy could dot with his hand and it would move. Like maybe some kind of hair particles.

The question is, would it be easier to do if the camera won’t be moving? One of the problems that could rise I think, is that the green screen isn’t very big, It’s like a school white board. So I’m not sure how to get the different angles that I would want to have. And how to view the guy on a distance.


You can always use a garbage matte to extend the size of your green screen.