School Project - Seaside House

I made this for a project about half a year ago while I was still at school. I never remembered to post it to so I thought I may as well show it now.

I never actually finished it, but I still handed these renders and others in.


those are really good, i like em!

would you tell us which renderer you used?

thank you.

i used indigo to render them. each one took a little less than a day though… .so not the most efficient renderer.

Awesome work excepted one thing, there should be sunlight reflection on the TV screen. 4.5* just because you forgot that detail haha! :slight_smile: + .5* bonus for the Pink Floyd tribute. So 5* !

Yes the renders are nice so as the Shots/ ViewPoints are Cool, Nice Mood and lighting…


wow! this is wust great, one day i will do this thing like that…

Sweet renders. verry style’isch. Got a job in 3d now?

Pink Floyd fan by any chance? :slight_smile:

I like the renders a lot. Simple and clean.