School Project UFO Animation

alright guys im starting a independent study on advanced computer applications and i would like to do a short film (kinda like pixar shorts) so ill have a lota questions and you guys have always been great at helping me =) ill just throw one at a time at you. Iv been working on the ufo model. i made the basic ufo shape, outlined it in a neon type curve and animated it along a curve. iv also put a spot light coming off the bottom that i would like to be the beam. so heres the first question.

is there a way to take that spot light, give it a color and be able to see it shining down, (not just on the ground but all the way from the start of the ship to the ground)

second is i have created a plane with a particle hair system to make a type of grass. i then put a “wind” block inside the ufo with a cone shape wind. this has made the grass push down quite well but all the grass around it was just solid still so it looked very fake. i added another block of wind to the side off the scene, but even at the lowest power it blows the grass more then i would like it too. so here is the second and last questions ill throw at you to start =)

how can i make the wind make the grass just kind sway in the breeze, but have the Ufo create a large amount of wind to blow the grass flat. and also how can i make the grass thicker? it looks ok but its just too thin and i cant seem to figure it out =(

anyways thx for all the help guys! you always come through for me so i hope you can help =)