School Project!

Hello! I and some of my classmates are going to make a game and use our school as enviroment. We already have the schematics and now it remains to learn Blender and python programming… Now I am wondering if somebody could give me a link to a tutorial where you are building a big building and then make a game? Or a tutorial where you use a blueprint as a background image and then extrude the walls etc… Please, help me!!

Thanks in advance.

I don’t want to be rude or anything, but if you don’t even know where to start from or how to start, maybe this is not the way you should take.

The “already” that you have is the smaller of your obstacles. How much time do you have to make this project? Unless it is something like a whole year I wouldn’t do that.

Well, that is exactly what we have. We have a couple of months to the deadline… Besides, my friend has already made a room where you are able to walk, so I don’t believe the game engine should be any problem to figure out! Please, don’t be so rude :).

Well, I have a couple months to finish this project. Besides, my friend has already made a room where you are able to walk, like a game, so I suppose the 3d game engine wouldn’t be anything difficult to figure…

well first off this doesnt belong in this category

second off, there are many games in development that never get finished on the basis of it taking so long

the other thing is that blender and python arent the easiest to master, it takes people a while to get things running in ither.

you shouldnt jump into something like this unless you know what you are doing, and making a room isnt the hard part, when the detail starts building up so does the time ut takes to make something

I have been learning Blender for about 2 weeks now and I tell you, it is not something you can rush. I think at the moment I would be able to make a school in a few days, all the students in like 2 weeks… using the same model and just changing clothes, skinj colour etc.

I wouldn’t have a chance of making it into a game though…

You have any idea what goes into making a game? It isn’t just you press a button and all of a sudden you control the character you made…

Ehmmmm, instead of trying to steal our confidence, please link to any tutorial that would be helpful to us as I requested… By the way, have you ever heard the expression “Nothing is impossible”. :slight_smile:

Many things are impossible :slight_smile:

Well I suggest learning to model people use:

A better face tutorial:
For learning to make proper edge loops on the face.

Wiki Noob-to-Pro:
Follow that through, will teach you most things you need to know

Every Material:
A good website to learn how to do certain materials

Grass tutorial:
If you will be modelling outside

Blender Manual:
The blender manual has how to do most things

All about python scripting, the game engine and other stuff you will need:


How comes you couldn’t find these when I have been modelling for 2 weeks and found all these with absolutely no problem by myself?

has a loada tutorials that u can try

hey blender people,

dont be so negative ! what would the hole 3d scene be without guys that
have ideas and visions ?
So let’s point that guys to a good start and try to support them instead of
disencourage them :wink:

@Matedog88: i saw a very interesting low poly character thread around
here, that might be interesting for you if you need to model characters for
your game, look at this one

For more information, try searching the forum for low poly modelling threads,
i guess that’s the technique that might be the best for your game.

And there’s a dedicated game engine section in this forum, check it out

hope this helps
keep it up

When I started blender I jumped right into modelling and right into the game engine. In a week I put together a real simple walk around observatory (my local one). Very simple but it worked and I was happy. I did have a good amount of game building and 3D though…

Anyway you have a good idea with extrude the floors. I put together a mini tutorial so please don’t expect too much.

I set the floorplan I got from google as my background image (in VIEW bottom left). I went to top view (numpad 7) and made a plane and sized it to the floor. You can just make a plane bigger than the whole building for simplicity.

Still in top view I made another plane (different layer, but no need really). I then selected two vertices or one edge and hit E to extrude it. I always held down CTRL when extruding and moving (g to move) the edges and vertices because CTRL is snap to grid. Be careful with CTRL because your zoom will mean you move in finer increments or larger increments. Anyway so I made a square, extruded edges along always keeping it 2 blocks x 2 blocks square. I then went around everywhere there was a wall. I left black areas for the doors but went over the windows (you get rid of those later). Depending on your layout you might not be able to keep extruding, i.e. a wall inside a room with no connections to other walls. Just select either 2 vertices (or 1 edge) that is 2 blocks long and hit SHIFT + D to duplicate it. While holding CTRL drag this edge to the next wall where you want to start. With it still selected hit extrude (e) and away you go!

When your all done and you’ve got every wall done time to extrude. It doesn’t have to be perfect you can tweak it all later. First we must fix any errors in the simple yet as I found it got all messy. Hit (a) to select all the vertices, edges, face they all the same. As you see in my buttons window on the bottom there is a button in the “Mesh Tools” box that says “Rem Doub”. Click that button and that will remove any spot where you have overlapping edges or vertices.

Now go into side view (1 or 3 on numpad). With everything selected hit E once again and press Z right after. Now hold CTRL once more and drag upwards however high you want. The grid is in normal zoom 1 block = 100 little blocks (10x10) and each of those is another 100 (10x10). So if you need to make it 8’ 6" tall you can go, 8 blocks and 5 miniblocks up (decimal conversion, 8.5 feet). There you have it walls, a floor and duplicate the floor for a ceiling for quick and simple.

I will make a couple pictures and explanations for simple windows and doors. The complexity level is up to you but I strongly suggest you try floorplan I used and make it like I did for practice. Shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to complete and from there on you should have no difficulty laying out your entire floor and upper floors if you wish. Hope this helps!

P.S. Mods please don’t lock this if you are, until I make the next installment (an hour at the most) so it’s all in here for the kid thanks please.

Ok this is to make a quick and simple window. In this I’m doing two windows at once with the same height but they can vary in width. If you need to do a bunch of different height windows I suggest after reading this to seperate the wall sections into different seperate mesh so you don’t get tons of edges or weird triangles. To seperate out walls, select all the parts of the wall you want out, hit P and now that section of wall or mesh is a seperate object and you can slice it up accordingly.


Select the wall for your 2 windows. Make sure you are in wireframe mode (z). Press B to and draw a rectangle around the vertices you want to select.

Press K. Select Knife midpoints. Somewhere outside the wall in the blank area LMB click once. You will notice when you move your mouse it has a yellow line attached to it. Click again on the other side of the wall so the yellow line crosses it.

Now with that new cut selected and highlighted in yellow Press G to move your cut along until it lines up nicely with the side of your window in the layout. Select everything again (a) and cut again like you did before. Again move this new cut along the wall to the edge of the window. After you have made 4 cuts and placed them along the wall in the window position move on.

Go into the side view (1 or 3 on numpad). Press CTRL + R. Mouse around the edges near the middle until you see a purple line going across the side of your walls like in the picture below. Click once and then drag this newly highlighted line up to the top of your window. Repeat this CTRL + R process once more to do the bottom part of your window. If it didn’t let you go high or low enough just hit G and then Z to move it up or down however much you want.

Now the fun stuff. Change to face mode first. I put a red arrow to the triangle that you click or press CTRL + TAB in EDIT MODE (tab) and select FACES. The 4 faces I selected, you only see two because wireframe is turned off. You can see all four faces from the top view in the next picture. Make sure you select all 4 faces, the inside and outside of the walls.

With all 4 faces selected and only them selected goto the TOP view (numpad 7). Press Z for wireframe (arrow on the left shows it). If your background image is too bright to see your faces turn it down a little (top right arrow).

Now. While in top view press E for extrude. Right after pressing “REGION” press 0 and hit ENTER. You now have extruded the windows in place, but you will see why in a minute.

You are now going to scale it so the window goes flat. Press S for scale. After pressing S press Y (or X, get that greenish line to go perpendicular to your windows). Next press 0 and hit ENTER.

Last couple things to do before you look at your finished window. In Mesh tools as before hit REM DOUB to kill the double faces we just made. Next change back to solid view Z. Lastly if everything went well press X and select faces (this deletes faces. )

You should have a nice clean cut out for your window and if all your windows are the same height you only need to cut them out from the top view since they are already cut out from the side.

A door is pretty simple I think. I’m not sure how to get it interactive in a game but I know how to get it keyboard controlled using the actor stuff.

Make a door shape using a cube or extruded plane or whatever you want. Using the LMB click where you want the door to rotate at (from top view 7). Then goto object mode (tab) where everything is pink edging. Make sure the door is selected and click “Center Cursor” in the Mesh window near Mesh Tools. Now when you hit R for rotate on the door it rotates about that axis. It’s not fancy and no modelled hinges but for a simple game… All depends on how far and deep you want to go with it.

Good luck!

Thank you atm-matt, I really appreciate your help… This helped me a lot and now I have at least an insight how to begin my project…Once again, thank you very much for the help.

Well, I made this yesterday and I want some comments on my dices :).