School resumes... :(

My school year resumes tomorrow. It’s not that I don’t like school, it’s that I love break. When does your school year resume, or when did it if you’re already back?

Mine is also starting again tomorrow it bites. the holidays this year have gone by so fast.

Yeah, it’ll be hard to get back into the schedule of getting up early, going to bed earlier!

Mine also starts tomorrow… Unless it snows down by the school (highly unlikely :frowning: ). Biggest problem is catching up on all the homework that I haven’t finished yet. Oh yeah, and going to bed early and waking up early is gonna be hard.

I resume tomarrow, but it’s not as bad for me. I’m homeschooled. :smiley:

I used to go to public school, up through 7th grade. This is my second year of homeschool, but I am a 10th grader (I pretty much skipped 8th grade). But the thing I am excited about is my new classes. I was accepted to my county college and I am being allowed to take any two classes. This starts January 25. I decided to take Effective Speaking and Intor To Color. I could have taken Basic Drawing 1 (complete with nude women :smiley: ) but I think I am taking that in the fall. I was told that the teacher for the Intro To Color class is a long-time graphic artist, so that is why I am taking that first. I think I could really learn a lot from him.


Me Too

I go back tomorrow too. It sucks. I don’t really mind school that much, it’s just that now I’m going to have to work in overdrive trying to catch up because I didn’t do any of the homework I was supposed to do over the vacation. :-?

Sucks to be me.

I go back to school tomorrow also :smiley:
nothing but figure drawing for 4.5 hours per day 8) and than on the 15th I start my courses at gnomon, 14 hours per week of 3d fun :smiley:

I also start tommorow. Only thing hard for me will be the schedule change, since I didn’t have any homework over break :smiley:

Only thing that sux is that I wont have any classes with my friends and no math or science classes.
(I took physics and Prob and Stat before break already.)
I start the 3rd also.


Me Too[/quote]

Me too! also, my uncle got married in Russia, so hes going to have another wedding here this week, so we get off to get ready and stuff.

I was homeschooled. But decided to take half-time at a local public school this year. Just needed a change of scenery.

I go back tomorrow also. Plus I have to have a book read by tomorrow. Oh well guess I get to stay up all night reading.


ha, my school is strange, so we were in classes the monday and tuesday before christmas, so we don’t go back until wednesday. Go figure.

I wish I was homeschooled, that would be so much easier.

Febuary 15th. Thank God for a the winter semester.

Me Too[/quote]

Me too! also, my uncle got married in Russia, so hes going to have another wedding here this week, so we get off to get ready and stuff.[/quote]

Arg, enjoy it. I was homeschooled through middle school.
While I think I would not get the same amount out of homeschooling as I am from my school, it would certainly make life so much easier. Most of my interests and career goals (computers and music) are seriously hampered instead of encouraged by school. I know a fellow pianist (he’s the best pianist his age that I know) who did a homeschool thing for his junior year and graduated 4 months into his junior year. He was fed up with school crap taking time away from everything else.

I’m going back tommorow too. :frowning:
Going from my Christmas break 2am - 10am sleep schedule to my school 10 pm - 5 am. WOO.

Homeschool is great! I do almost ALL of my work on my own (accept for science labs which I do with a little homeschool group in my area). It is amazing how much crap public schools make you sit through, at least in the USA. The school day is usually 6 hours, but at home, I can gat the same ammount of work done in half the time. Sometimes I go over to a friend’s house and do work there, then, when we are done, we play games or run around out side.


The worst part about public school is putting up with all the idiots. Everywhere I look, there’s always some unintelligent moron trying to get himself attention.

Whiteboy: Get used to it. That’s life. lol.

I was supposed to go back today, but guess what? Snow day 8)
Actually it’s more of a “everything is frozen 'cause of all the sleet and freezing rain” day. So yeah, I got up at 5 for nothing (it’s curently 5:45 AM at the time of this post…)

My sister was homeschooled a little bit once because all the teachers went on strike. I wasn’t in school yet, but I did some of the same lessons my sister did. I believe that’s part of the reason I skipped kindergarten (and almost first grade; my mom held me back though because of that whole “people skills” thing…) When a 5 year old first grader can do division… :slight_smile:

I go back on the 11th (this month).

School sucks. I wish I were homeschooled.