School resumes... :(

when we get our first good snow, we get off that day. looks like we wont be getting that this year. its 61 degrees right now. :frowning:

wow i didn’t knew that home school was so popular… I never heard anybody learning at home…
I’m at the university and i have lots of things to learn by myself and i quite miss the school because there were such amazing teachers that can make you like courses that you would normally hate (like history or dutch :wink: ) I also met great people in school :slight_smile:

I never felt the ‘dumb person’ problem : if someone isn’t good in math, they take 4 hours of courses, and if they are good they take 8, where they learn extra things, same thing for other courses.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to choose what I want and how much of it to learn. :-?
If I could, calculus would be out of my schedule in an instant!

I also go back tommorow, but there’s a ray of hope, they’re predicting ice of over most of the state including our area and i’m hoping we’ll get enough tonight we’ll have at least one more day off.

i used to go to public school until i started getting bad grades because i didnt want to do the work anymore so i quit doing it but most of the people that i have met that are homeschooled act weird because all they want to do is sit there and be good

Wow. Thats what happened to me. I used to be a REALLY good student: I did all of the assignments, on time, and with great quality. Then in 7th grade I decided no more.


january 17, and i’m going in probation as an IT.

On second thought we didn’t get any ice as of now but I found my school was doing something that would require students to stay home and so I won’t start going till tommorow at least.