school teams

I recently viseted our local middle school, to find that the teachers had started yet another “unity” campaign incorporating school “teams”.

6th grade is one team, 7th another, and the same with 8th grade.

8th grade is the patriots, 6th grade the starbursts? I’ll get to 7th grade’s later, as if i tell you now it’ll ruin the whole thing for you.

anyway, every “team” has a t-shirt, which are designed by the student council, which is made up of plagaristic idiots. The t-shirt designs were supposed to have been original designs.

Now the 7th grade team is called the “pink penguins” (some of them think that penguins are funny. I don’t know why.)

guess which penguin is on thier t-shirt. %|

raises hand Ooh, ooh! I wanna guess! Uh…the bad guy from Batman! :stuck_out_tongue:

i bet it is this one!

customisation done in ms paint!

(then converted to 15% jpg in fireworks for effect)


Oh a womens version of linux, must be much easer to set up. How about the borken windows :smiley: