School's Out

Idea based on an image I saw on a news site.
Interesting to model and light.
The character on the right is courtesy of MakeHuman. Finally made me learn how to use MH and Rigify - nothing complicated, but a start - textures need work.
For the walls I used a single image texture but I combined 2 copies of it scaled to different prime numbers to reduce obvious tiling - 2 copies of it for the light and dark parts of the walls

, one lightened a bit. Same textures on the rubble to keep colour consistent.
A bit of volumetric mist.
View in the windows is an image I found with a bit of blur, added in PS using a mask pass for the windows in Blender.


An interesting concept plus composition. However, there are some things off:

  • where’s this rubble coming from? the ceiling, walls and windows are relatively intact, no holes.

There’s a big hole in the wall at the back, but the camera angle doesn’t show it.
There’s no glass at all in the window frames, only mesh over them.

wow that’s cool