schooner, sailing boat

Hi everybody, this is the first work I publish here.

I did the animation with my partner who uses to work with maya. He quickly adapted to blender. we are both happy with the result. what do you think?

The ship is currently built in reality in the netherlands. We made this animation for our client who wants to promote the ship.

great detail, looks really good. nice video montage. how long did it take you to model/light that?

We have not counted exact hours but worked about 1 1/2 months to complete the animation. The modelling and lighting went quite fast, there was a lot of testing with the ocean simulation though.
We started following cog´s tutorial
but then decided to go an own way. We had finally run out of time so the
interaction of the ship with the water is not optimal.

I am happy that you liked it.

the water effects are really cool, like the trail left by the ship. you can notice the ships wake standing still in some spots and just repeating, but overall the waterwork is really impressive. minor detail, for the amount of wind it would take to flap the sails and flag that much, id expect a little more choppy waves.

We now have the model of the ship on our webpage for free download:
here the link, we hope you enjoy:

… aaand happy new year to all of you!

really good work

tanks for the blend file