Schooner Yacht Coronet

Ok, where do I start?

This is my first “real” project, I’m going to model the Schooner Yacht Coronet.
Your probably wondering what in the world the “Schooner Yacht Coronet” is, well sit
tight and I will tell you brief history.
(if you don’t want to hear “boring” history then skip this next paragraph)

The Coronet was built in 1885 for a millionaire (but he is irrelevant).
Also she won a trans-Atlantic race in 1887.
My church aquired it in 1905 for a different purpose, it was to be sailed around the world
for evangalism and prayer.

Ok there is the very brief history, now let’s get down to the actual execution of this project.

I’m planning on using both the fluid sim feature (for the water and soft body cloth (for the sails)
And I will use Indigo for rendering.

Here is the a start, I finished the hull using skinning and am testing a couple textures.
I will start on the details of the deck as soon as I get the deck plan.

Here’s a screenshot. Hull, bowsprit and masts are finished.

And here is a render (new one coming soon).
(Remember those are test textures.)
Suggestions and crits welcome!

Looks good so far. And if you are planning to do a final render in Indigo then you might want to let it go for a little longer to get rid of the noise more. No crits beyond that. Great work so far!

That is just a test render, with test textures.
I’ll post more soon hopefully.

Looking nice, happy that your using Indigo. (I just like Indigo.)

That’s quite cool.

Insert Mallrats sailboat-easter bunny scene quote here

looking good :slight_smile:

very interesting history, im glad those are only test textures, looks great other than that

Here is an update, sitting on a calm sea…the water is just a test.

Yea, I was about to say…you need some help on your water!

Working on other things besides details, because I’m wationg for the deck plan.
Here is a sail test, needs some more work.
I would have rendered for a little longer, but the computer got restarted.
I really like the cloth modifier!

Ok, another update.
I’m testing the cloth simulator, and the fluid sim, both of which I plan to use in this scene.
Here is a fluid sim test, it took about 6 hours to bake 61 frames! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good but that is steeping baking time! are you going to try and use the fluid for the water? If so that might kill you computer lol. Good luck though. The water looks really good!

Yeah, I only have single core (Intel 2.4ghz) I really ought to get a dual core.
Thanks for your comments!
Don’t hesitate to crit! But don’t bother crit’ing my test textures :stuck_out_tongue:

Added a couple small details.
The reason why it’s going so slow is because I don’t have the deck plan yet,
because it’s a huge document and it has to be scanned in on a large scanner, at Staples or something.

looks great !!!
could u stat ur indigo settings ?

Sorry Indigo settings for what?
The water test or the Yatch?

Here is an update (Finally)
Added a ships wheel to the rapidly growing collection of vertices.

Note: It may be a while between updates.

If you put enough bible bashers on the deck, the fucker might sink and do the whole world a favour.

wow nice render, love the color scheme. add some more detail and texture will be a master piece :slight_smile:

for the sail test ( )
would be awesome, got some probs with good results (very noisy even after long render) thx

This is really cool. I’ve always loved sailboats, and one with a interesting history is always cool.

How are you making the rigging/ropes and such? I’ve always had problems with that every time I try a sailboat. But yours look very nice.

I’ll be watching this one.