we started a small projekt, here some wips.

hope u will like it, for more visit

wfg 8)

very very nice! nothing to crit yet, all very consistant. im really liking the detail input on the first char, and the second has some real style! cant wait to see more =D

ps. i must ask though, what was your method for adding those insane modelling details, it feels like bump mapping…innnteresting, i had done that with some clothing once, but this really feels like its modelled.

yeah, those look really great. are yuo going to animate them?

i can’t wait to see the finished product :slight_smile:

that looks like the most ripped rabbit I’ve ever seen… :o

The first character is really interesting! I like the not-bumped one too, the face looks toon-like without bump, he looks like a good big beasty guy.
But i agree that your bumpmap works greatly! I thougt it was something like Zbrush, not a simple bumpmap.
Maybe i’d make the bumpmap lighter on the face, or maybe not, depends on the type of character you want to get. Good big guy or evil big guy.

Good grief, that’s amazing.

hey guys!

thanks for the compliments…

yep it is a bumpmap, handpainted in blender texture paint…
but since i redid the whole uv layout (only 2 pieces instead of 55 woohoo!) i tried some other methods and settings because i wasnt completely satisfied with the results…

too bad blender’s displacement doesn’t work that good, at least not for me, it ends up being all spikey and stuff, and makehumans true displacement script download link was down yesterday so i also couldnt try that…

so i guess ill play around some more and maybe here lives a happy little tree…and another one…everybody needs a friend you know?

hi thx for the nice feedback. no, we dont will animate. just a pic :wink:

here is a small update:

wfg 8)

The wrinkles have a paper feel to them.
I like it without the wrinkles better or maybe something in between,
but that’s up to you.
Without the wrinkles the attention goes to the great model.
That bunny reminds me of the Donnie Darko bunny.
What a wonderful movie.


that is soo cool

is there somewhere tuts on bumpmaps and particles

small update
ouu yeahh,… the basball bat is just a placeholder :wink:

wfg 8)

HAH! finally found out how to use displacement mapping without everything spikey an scrambled :stuck_out_tongue:

and how did you accomplish that? I would like to mess around with that soon.