Schweinsgalopp, pig in galloping motion

this is a motion study of a quadruped running cycle with a cartoony pig:

I tried to give it natural and believable motions.

What do you think?

Thanks and best regards, Georg


Yes I think the animation is very natural looking, nice job!

Echt süß, und der Gang sehr realistisch!

That Pig is going to loose alot of weight if it keeps running like that… LOL!:slight_smile:
Nice job… keep up the good work!

One of the better character animations I have seen on this forum.


Can’t think of anything else to say.

It looks really good - but I think the shoulder’s stretch too much when the front legs are moving backwards, giving the pig a rubbery look when seen from the side. Compare the still to this:

Great animation! My only critique is that I think there needs to be a bit more feeling of weight when the pig takes that final turn. Maybe more shoulder action or something.

Hi everybody,
Thanks a lot for your nice comments and helpful critique. Realistic motions are not so spectacular but also quite challenging, so I´m glad that you like it.

@ Speakingmute
Thanks for your good observation. I agree with you that the shoulders are moving too much. I gave it a try to improve the motion cycle and revised the video.

If you like analyzing animal motions here is a fascinating super slowmo of cheetahs in full speed, simply gorgeous: