Sci-fi Blenderguru Competition: W.Y.Corp. [uriel] >>> Final Entry Page 4

Hi, here my wip proto, a space view of ships and planets…

I will start to work on the 3 layers (ships/planet/moon and space background).
I’m inspired by Prometheus ambiance and design…something like “Alien attacks”…

Here is the updated drawing:

I’m still looking for the final draft (i think about a couple of days more to reach the goal) before i go for 3d. should be realistic and fantastic !

Looks great so far. Will you make it into a fully photorealistic look or keep it somewhat painted style?

Now it’s time to decide the general view, here it is !
By combining the interior and the exterior scene, i try to tell the story…let’s see what’s going on there :slight_smile:
The image format will be wilder than a 16:9, and the color will remain blue/orange dominated…
Time to blend !

First test render for the scene:

As i can see from now, the scene will have a lot of lighting effects and origins, as well as a set of painted textures… From the modelling point of view, i planned to make peice by piece:

  • the “room” and its elements: sliding doors, pipes, roof…
  • the control panels/boards with its seats and characters…
  • the exterior scene with planet and other ships

i didn’t choose yet if its about humans or aliens…let’s see tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

Here is the last research regarding the general concept:

I choose something like the one on the top, but i’m not so satisfied within the camera deformation angle ! i need to find a compromise !

If you ask why i want to start this kind of strange view, i just answer… i never did it ! and i want that view look like a shot from a movie…

Concepts are great, hopefully you can deliver just as well (or better) in 3D, good luck!

So, here it is, the cockpit shape and its glass bay…

Next step, the complete command room and corridors…

About the story:
This W.Y.C. ship is on the way for a new mission…on LV-254 :slight_smile:
you want to know more about it ? follow this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

:yes:…Looks great so far man…I look forward for next step :slight_smile:

Wow, if you can get it to look like the concept this will be intense. Good luck and can’t wait to see more!

+1 Looks cool, good composition.

I hope you’ll get what you want … I really like the scene …

To swith off my mind from the cockpit, i tried yesterday night to find the shape of the command and control stations…

The green screens will be replaced by some holographic “touch sensitive” panels…
need to have 4 different ones for each stations, may be white shinny metal (like lab medical surface), and some mat dark grey for the mechanism.

i’m not sure yet about the position of the people front of this, can be seating on a chair, or just standing up…

New version test for this command station, using Cycles:
" please, forgive the grainy render :)"

I’m not yet satisfied, but i feel the path of it :slight_smile: next step is to provide a set of devices for the room, including other panels and control table with holographic visualization…

how many hours in Photoshop did it take to make those panel designs? They look really good :slight_smile: Ill def keep track of this thread!!

how many hours in Photoshop did it take to make those panel designs?

for someone who knows Google/Toshop/Gimp*, it needs about an hour per panel (like 2D greebles), those ones came from the net for testing purpose, it doesn’t fit with the subject, i will make some original ones for the navigation/ship resources/crew life monitor… :slight_smile:
but i like this kind of colors :smiley:

anyway, the devices is only “touch” level with a large screen,the next model, the digital table will have some extra 3D holographic objects !

*About Gimp, the magic happend when you choose: Color 2 alpha…

Those are some amazing textures right there =D

Making progress. After a second look, your concept had more depth variation insinuated in it, it didn’t look like a simply round room. maybe bring the glass forward a bit and the zone in the left half of the pic could go back a bit. If you’re modeling just for the shot you don’t need to worry about that it looks like from the outside.

Playing with new cockpit and adding greebles, this is only the front part of the ship, i don’t need more :stuck_out_tongue:
but it includes the scene into a particular context: the command bridge.

i found also my set of color on this low poly version. anyway, i will need only the interior for the shot image. But it’s for the fun !

Right now, my next step is to include the previous console (actually, i don’t like it anymore, but i will keep some similarities with the shape), , you can see also the future central command station :eyebrowlift: a basic table at this time…

this is a test preview of the “human activity” on the bridge, i must find the correct position of the character that give a sens of alert or immediate action.i’ll see…it’s not a battle ship, so costumes will be between scientists and colonial adventurers.

That is an insanely awesome design, it’s a bummer you won’t get the whole ship in the render. Of course, that would make my entry less doomed, but still. =D


bridge model update …rebuild

lighting test …inside/outside

wall/floor UV map …2K img

Materials and colors selection …Cycles !

here, just a simple test: i took that simple human mesh (thx BSwap), apply simple material, use rigify and… voila ! of course, i will not use it in the final file, but it’s perfect to find the poses and attitudes.

For the face textures, i will do some pictures of my friends :), the body will use painted ones…

now, i have to simulate activities on the bridge, can be 2 characters discussing, using consoles, working…about 12 people are doing things there :slight_smile:

some other views of the rear bridge, i mean the access tunnels from outside ! plus some extra greebles on the exterior surface…for fun again !

i give a small information about the title here: WYC for Weyland Yutani Corporation…the final image will be related to Prometheus/Alien movies for sure ! maybe the next opus: colonial mission on LV-254…where the “engineers” started their experiment…and lost control over a crazy DNA multi-structure…:yes: enough for now… :evilgrin:

Is that David Beckham’s face? Looking really good!!