sci-fi cartoon project(update first charachter)

Ok, I’ve started a huge overly ambitious unrealistic project. yay! I am gonna make an animated cartoon, half hour episodes.

This is really early in the project, right now I’m modeling and texturing one of the space craft. I’m trying to use the texture map to do the edges within the object, but blender seems to blur it too much. Does anyone know of a way to get good, sharp, controllable clean edges?

I’ve tried edges, I’ve tried a custom node setup, and even using curves. beveled curves worked the best but was a nightmare to set up. any suggestions?

any other c&c appreciated as well.


Ok, i’ve accepted the semi-blurry edges. I just added halo-lens flares for engine lights , but now i’m noticing that the flares are visible through the sides of the engine nozzles. Any ideas how to fix that?


no clue, but I do like the idea! Hope someone can help

I don’t know exactly about the halos, there are various settings like zoffset that you could try.

I think my problem was that the halo size was larger than the nozzle objects… i found a setting that is not quite what i wanted but looks ok. i have a feeling if this series is ever gonna get off the ground, comprimise will have to be the standard M.O.

here’s a test animation…

its probably not obvious at all but this cartoon will be a comedy, adult swim style. I’m gonna start on workflow mapping today , and putting together a website in the hopes that i can find some brave souls to help out. If not , look forward to the primere episode in he summer of 2012 :smiley:

Ok, this is a hand drawn storyboard version of the trailer for my cartoon ‘cold steel - idiots in space’(working title). although terribly hand drawn, i did compile the video with blender :smiley: the end version will be all blender, this is just concept art (if u can call it art)

c&c greatly appreciated… although there isn’t much to crit yet.

You might be able to see it on youtube here, but its not working for me,

If you like it, or think u can make it better by all means, join up and help out. I’m looking for
voice actors - male and female
texutre artists
rigging and animation artists

I’ll take any help i can get, long term project partners or just someone to toss in a lil work here and there. Email me at
vampyre at iland dot net

let me know what ur interested in doing and i’ll send u a production/style guide manual.

the fuzzy image might be because image anti-aliasing is on… if you’re using it as an image texture (not just texface) go to the image texture in the textures tab, and turn of AA

thanks for that tip. i’ve checked the image settings, coudln’t find AA. I found mip mapping and interpolation. I have a fealing those are to blame. But turning them off leads to icky jagged edges. oops silly me, i found the button u were talking about. never knew that was there. i checked it and its not depressed. but thanks for the tip

Ok, due to my incredible lack in character modeling skills i bought some characters and morphs from daz3d, gotta love them. I’ve made up some cartoon textures for my first charachter, captain manning… gave him some hair, a shirt, and am currently in the process of adding phonems for lip synching.

i have zilch experience with charachter animation, the actions window and the NLA window baffle me completely. i’ve read eveyr page of the manual at, i’ve read the BSOD documents , it jsut doesn’t stick in my brain for some reason.

However thanks to the awesome scripts bundled with blender i’m making fast progress. I’m gonna run into problems down the road shortly im sure, any help is greatly appreciated.I’m rambling, i’ll shut up. here have a look at what i have so far and let me know what u think. Does he look cell shaded, is it obvious that it was made with a computer? does anything need work?

a video of the first Lip Sync Test is Here
(once youtube finishes chewing on it)

and here is a screen cap for those who dont wanna wait for the video


Ok, i added the rest of the phonems, here’s a test of the lip sync. i think it looks good for a cartoon… kind of anime? what do u think

video here

Looks like “Sealab 2031”…

lol, thanks. yeah this is pretty much a rip off of that show. thats a pretty cool compliment though, it means it does look like a cartoon, thanx.