Sci Fi Chair

I finished this SciFi chair recently for a game project I was involved in. It was a good opportunity to finally get into Substance Painter which is absolutely awesome. I’ll try to post the 3d model on Sketchfab, hope it works out… and I’m also posting a few screen shots directly from Substance. CC welcome.

(I don’t think embeding is working, here is a link to the model )

(4444 triangles, 2k textures on the screen shots, 4k on sketchfab.)

Can anyone help me with embedding the sketchfab viewer in the forum post if at all possible? :slight_smile:

I have never embedded sketchfab here, sorry) I like the model, though. Was it your concept as well? Very nice! I have tried something like that and without a decent concept I failed miserably :smiley:

Looks great. Really nice looking chair :slight_smile:

Here is what it looks like in code:

The numbers you see in the image are just at the end of the sketchfab url

Thanks, Margenta, and yes I should have said that the model is based on concept art by a good friend of mine. We worked together on the project.

Nathan.Ferguson, cheers man but I only see some blank space and I cannot access your attachment either.

It’s happening to me as well. It’ll only show up if you clcik in the top right corner of your browser “Load Unsafe Script”. I don’t know what’s happening with sketchfab but apparently my browser (Google Chrome) doesn’t like it.
Btw, I’ve updated the attachment. Check previous post.

Am I sensing Star citizen? 300i?

Hey Nathan, someone sent me a PM that sketchfab is not suppoted here at the moment. Too bad :slight_smile:

@garbagegiraffe - it’s a space game indeed but it’s not Star Citizen. The poject is called 3001SQ, you can lean more here

It looks great, so is there any awesome functions for this Sci-Fi chair? hahaha

Hey, fox, nope sorry haha
The chair is supposed to look sturdy yet somewhat flexible. In the full scene it sits on some rails and can move back and forth and stuff. I haven’t fully modeled and shaded that part but I might do it later on.
Other then that there are no special features, it doesn’t shoot any rockets out of its ass, just nothing like that :smiley:

I saw this first on your Artstation page, ToshiCG. A very nice piece and a surprisingly low poly count.

Thanks minoribus. I think the polycount is kinda normal for current gen game asset but I don’t do a lot of game stuff.
Speaking of polygons here is a wireframe:

I’m not sure but I think is supported here. I personally prefer it, it works on blendswap for sure.


(edit) doesn’t seem to work:(

I just found an answer from one of the BA crew,
“It’s a known issue. Vimeo embedding and Sketchfab embedding got clobbered on the last upgrade. It’s being worked on.”

That was said a month ago, so it seems like they’re still working on it.

Wow! Applause!

Thanks guys. It seems sketchfab 3d viewer is not supported for the time being, that’s fine. Please take a look at the model directly on sketchfab :slight_smile:

Pretty cool! And topology is nice and clean too. Nice job :slight_smile:

Thank you Blade!