sci-fi character with facial bone test

all done in blender 2.66,
and of course blender Intenal always works best for me, i intend it for short movie if i could

post pro in blender node editor
i just wondering is the facial good is nice or not, i use khuuyj bone and custom reverse enginered it for facial expression


I think her head is a bit too small :P, but everything else looks great

Compared to her bust :wink: Good work though!

Nice work, but the way the hair and the ear are look funny to me.

What do you mean by reverse enginnering?

The only thing that really sticks out is the neck or the size of the head as mentioned.

The neck should get wider towards the top. And the head can be larger as well.

Good job on the hair and the eyes and her face is pretty much nice to look at. She kind of reminds me of anne hathaway.

If you want to get into the specifics of the face I would say look again at the expression of the mouth its good but can be better. The eye lids should have a bit of thickness and the geometry should tuck inside between the eye and the eye lid, to highlight this you will need to do a global lighting or an ambient occlusion pass. This is so the eyes don’t look like they crash with the eye lid geometry and gives them more depth. The nose I would play around with as well. It is a center piece of the face and any changes to the nose effect the face quite a bit. Make a couple of different quick versions and see which you like more. The ear someone mentioned as well, the shape of the earlobes needs changing they look like a basic extrusion right now, they need to feel round and soft. What kind of earlobe you want you can play around with as well.

The last thing, I would play with the material for the clothes, right now it looks like low grade rubber. Make the texture finer and the yellow trim I would actually model out and give it a smoother material to contrast the material quality or at least take the bump map from the trim and tighten up the difuse map.

Its a good piece, make it better :).

I suggest that the material on her clothes should be more cloth-like in nature. The head might need to be expanded for a bit. I would love to find out how you textured her hair. It makes the image looks stunning!

Great looking but as mentioned, her head is too small. :slight_smile: