Sci Fi city, now animated

Hi guys. I’ve decided to move this image here since I put it up on my site at full res.

See it here:

I’ve also done a little animation, like the image, very much inspired by Stefan Morrell. I haven’t managed to get rid of all the bugs yet but you can consider it, unlike the image, a work in progress.
You see it here (click on thumbnail):

Looks a bit like Cardassia.

Forgot to mention the image was rendered in Indigo, the anim in BI.

Like it very much, but camera movement is a bit weird.

Couple of the greebles look untextured, most noticably at the top left.
Beautiul work otherwise, the video looks pretty good too.

Defiantly worthy of a Sci Fi tv show. Good work :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Once I’ve ironed out the last glitches, I’ll re-render it with motion blur. Looking at the time, I suspect it’ll take a few nights on my quad.

That looks friggin swwweeet Bertrand!

That’s awesome. It looks better than all of the Sci fi channel movies.

I like it, although I must admit that I’m not a big fan of the discombulator script. :slight_smile:

There’s quite a bit of flickering on and under the bridge. Probable causes include, but are not limited to: 90 degrees angles(Blender Internal goes a bit wonky with these when animating) and duplicate geometry(faces sharing same space causing Z fighting). Try using edge split modifier or beveling some of these 90 degree corners.

Looks good! It has a very ‘star wars’ feel to it.
Must have taken ages to render.

Only crit is the camera view.

Good work.

Thanks a lot guys, much appreciated.

Wereaser: All the greebles are done by hand. They’re instanced geometry, which is good to lower ram consumption in Indigo. The flickering is annoying. I’ve reduced it a lot by upping the AAO quality settings, but not enough it seems. I’ll take a look at these 90 degree angles.

AD-Edge: Render time wasn’t that bad. Just a couple of hours on my Quad. Motion blur will multiply this by 8, though. So THAT will take a LOOOONG time!

Did you know there’s an approximate version of motion blur in the compositor? It might be a good idea to look into it, because actual frame by frame motion blur is almost never worth the time it takes unless you’re blurring shadow movement something.

What he said.


Awesome! I think this is gallery worthy. Very beutifully Star Warsish :smiley:

Did you know there’s an approximate version of motion blur in the compositor?

I didn’t! What is it called? I’d definitely give it a go. I’m pretty new to the anim/compositing department, at least in Blender, so still learning as I’m going along.

It’s the Vector Blur node. Don’t forget to activate the Vec pass in the Render layers panel.

It’s awesome, but the flickering is all over the place :confused: It’s doe the Ambient Oclusion, if you turn it off the flickering should stop… To me it happens allot if there’s 2 faces in the same space (like douplicates or someting) or, like mentioned, angles issues :confused:

Use Approximate AO instead – no flickering.

Harkyman: I’m using Approximate AO.

Rogper: Thanks for the tip. Could never coax anything out of Vector Blur, presumably because I didn’t activate Vec in the render layers panel. I’ll try now.
I’d like to turn off AAO, but I really like the GI-like feeling of depth it gives to the scene.

mmm…pic looks great! unfortunately i dont have the time to download the animation right now :frowning: