Sci-Fi Contest -- Over $1000 in prize money

Looking for a few good modelers for our forthcoming MMO. Check out and read about our game to get some inspiration. We are looking for spaceship models, not character or enviroment. The models are for in-game, so please limit youself to 3-5k polys. We want normal maps, but not alpha or glow (although feel free to do as much postpro as you want). The best models will be featured in our game, with a chance for more steady, paid work, and receive a cash prize of at least $100 (more if we have only a few winners, or your model just happens to blow our mids). Only serious entries please.

When is the contest over ?? Will the models be used in blender or some other format?? Is this contest also running in other forums ??? What is the enviroment you need the models for IE: do you need deep space ships or planetary type or both etc??

Are those tangent space normal maps?
or black/white normal maps?

I know OGRE pretty well… but I am not confident atm, I need more legal mumbo jumbo before thinking about it submitting anything for this contest.

And if it is a contest, you kind of need some strict specs. It’s hard to know what to try to create.

A final design suggestion:

I own Galactic Civilizations II, the game is not that great, IMHO, but it is loved by many, because of the ability to design your own spaceships. Many people love it because it gives them a chance to “model in 3s”

I would think that a MMO, which prides itself on individuality, would succeed better with this design aspect in mind.

I would love to compete, spaceships and the like are my speciality. What style of starship though? Basically: size. Are we talking fighters, huge capital ships, what? I also need a deadline, because I’m working on other things too. Basically, count me in.

Also: any email contact info?

yeah, could we have more info about this? What size are the texture/normal maps? Tangent or object space? Any specific styles of spaceships?

Entries can be posted to this thread, but should also be emailed to [email protected]

The contest will end 30 days from now (Sept 14) at which time we’ll pick the best entries to purchase and use.

Ships are all deep-space (no atmo craft).

1024 texture and normal map (tangent).

Our engine is Ogre, but blender files will work just fine.

Create whatever you want, but use to get a feel for our style.

Here’s some concept art if you want it, first come first serve. Thes all have a very organic feel and certain style, but don’t limit yourself to these in any way, they are just a few ideas. Color is all up to you.

Scout 1 -
Scout 2 -
Scout 3 -
Swarmer 1 -
Swarmer 2 -
Swarmer 3 -
Swarmer 4 -
Escort 1 -
Escort 2 -
Escort 3 -

Ship Size Comparison -

All images copyright SharpEdge Studios LLC 2006.

which is it? $1000 in the title, $100 in the original post. I don’t get out of bed for $100. In fact, i don’t out of bed for anything.

Sorry, I thought that was pretty clear. There is $1000 in prize money which we will be divided up among the winning entries, with an absolute minimum of $100, but unless we have 10 winners (unlikely) the prize will be more than that.

can one person do multiple entries? :slight_smile:

Hell, I’d get out of bed for $1! Count me in!

Edit: I don’t exactly want to get ripped off, is a contract available?

The game sounds very promising so far. Great weapons, great storyline, and you’re going to have some cool ships. You should work on expanding your community after you make a little more progress.

Also… Are you posting on any other forums? (Just wandering how much competition I have)

Awesome. I think I’ll do a capital ship and a smaller ship, and enter one or the other if there aren’t multiple entries allowed.

I’m going to try and finish a high poly ship I’m modelling right now, but perhaps not. Actually, I’ll get right on it.

Multiple entries are just fine, but submitting one great ship is better than making several unimpressive ones (:

Also, I will not ask for the .blend files or anything other than the renders until the contest is over and we have choosen the winners. This should protect everyone from nasty legal issues. We do have contracts, and we will be signing them with the winners, but since I’m only asking for renders I see no reason to have everyone sign a contract now.

This contest is not on any other forums yet, but feel free to spread to word if you know people who might be interested.

Thanks for the interest so far and I’m looking forward to some great work!

Well, I’m in! :smiley:

I´ll try, too :slight_smile:

I just about finished one of my entries and realized that I’ve mapped most all of my textures to Orco or Object. Is that at all alright or should I find my way around it?

You can check out the forums and tools at to figure out exactly how you ought to be formatting everything for exporting from Blender to Ogre. I’m more used to 3ds Max, so I can’t answer your question off the top of my head.

so are these supposed to be like alien ships, or human ships, wondering because i would assume that the colour schemes would be diffrent for diffrent races ships.

lol, nvm. just read the website stuff.

Apparently I’m going to have to learn UV mapping really fast, as that’s how the export to Ogre works, it seems. I thought I’d post that in case anyone doing a model could use the info. Here is the topic on it:

yeah, thx, that saves a lot of work, redoing the textures, because thea aren´t exportable to ogre :slight_smile: