Sci Fi Corridor Interior-Real Time

Hi everyone, this is a sci fi modular interior ,rendered with eevee.
worked in this project for several weeks in my spare time.



WOW !!! :star_struck:
A M A Z I N G !!! :heart_eyes:
Congratulations !!! :laughing:

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thank you.

Nice one !!! :smiley:
Even if it appears a bit too clean IMHO :wink:

You run this in RT with EEVEE ?
Could you tell us the framerate and resolution and your hardware CPU/GPU setup please ?

Happy blending !

Through it in upbge - if you setup your materials - /join the right meshes / seperate physics from drawing you should be able to get like 120 fps in this scene

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Depends on his/her hardware setup i think.
On my Ryzen7/GT610 i doubt i can even hope 30fps :stuck_out_tongue:

you can bake everything to a trim kit atlas / re-use textures and draw most of the ship in 1 drawcall.

you can also create low poly version of all the stuff and bake normal maps etc - further increasing the speed

you can bake all the lighting even,

eevee is only as performant as you make it*

Indeed :slight_smile:
And that’s what i do for Carcassonne medieval city. I guess there’s no other way than baking :smiley:

What are those strange artifacts we can see through windows on your vid ?
Looks like some f*cked-up fresnel-based postpro or something like this :confused:
The lights and their reflections are really amazing !

this is not my video - it’s @AtomicSkill 's I believe

I helped youle test the engine as he was restoring it to eevee -
but yeah - there is something strange with the glass - I think it’s to do with the SSGI addon.

Yes all images were rendered with eevee (obiously in seconds),is not a high poly mesh,there are 19 pieces in total, less than 20 000 polygons all pieces.
all scene is about 70 000 polygons

i7 4770/ GTX 970

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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wow ,thank you very much.

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Wow, this looks great! I like your eye for detail.

Did you make this for a private project?

thank you,yes this was a personal project.