Sci Fi corridor

(Romanji) #21

Thank you. I guess i accomplished my goal. I wasn’t quite sure if i could nail the style.

(anphung) #22

Nice work.
Do you have an Artstation?

(Romanji) #23

Nope, not yet, but i plan to get an account and put this project in there. Right now i don’t have any fancy finished works.

(anphung) #24

Let me know when you do. I’ll be you first follower :)). I’ve been collecting Sci-fi environment projects on Artstation for a while now.

(Romanji) #25

HOLY SShhh…:star_struck:
This is really an impressive collection! It will take me days to go through all of it!
You want my work to put in there?
I would feel very honored.

This project here needs to be cooked for at least another couple of weeks ( i have 2 more machines planned).
When it goes on Artstation i will contact you.

(LeighAH) #26

I find this both inspirational and intimidating. Really fantastic work so far, I love it.

(Romanji) #27

Intimidating you say?
How about this…?

(LeighAH) #28

Heh, I meant intimidating in terms of the skill on display. But you’ve certainly nailed the mood there!

(Romanji) #29

Don’t be intimidated. Its simply effort x time.
I am doing 3D (as a hobby) for over a decade and i have also an art/design education.
I am also working on this scene on and off for over a year now.
If you stick with 3D (or any other creative endeavor) for a long time, you’ll get there.

(Pitiwazou) #30

Great job, well done :wink:

(PolyGreen) #31

looks really good man! I do think the lighting could make your scene really “pop”. Some lighting from the bottom (light strips ?) would definitelly add atmosphere and depth.

(Romanji) #32

I move slow like a glacier again. :neutral_face:
Here is an Eevee rendering of the latest machine.

And in UE4 with the rest.

(JakeAnthony) #33

This is absolutely stunning work, it’s easily one of the best sci-fi corridors I’ve seen with an incredible attention to detail. Well done :slightly_smiling_face:

(Romanji) #34

Some WIP stuff i am working on currently.


Very nice! Are all the details self modelled or do you use detail packs?

(Romanji) #36

No, I do everything myself.


Impressive! :slight_smile: