sci-fi corridor

Just another sci-fi corridor

interesting use of surface patterns. corridors are always cool :wink:

nice but I wouldn’t want to fire a laser pistol with all them reflections :wink:

Sweet !!! Just plain cool.

Hi guys, thanks for the comments!!

I love the shapes and this very glossy scene ! The only thing I see is that the hole on the ceiling on the second pictures myabe need a smooth shading or something more round (we see the angles in the round part), and secondly maybe render it with a bit more samples (but with all those glossy things it must be sooooo long ^^). I really like the modeling on the floor too ! Godd job !

Oooh, shiny. =) Maybe render it at a higher sample rate, or wipe out that graininess with the compositor.

love the carbon fiber! the door looks really cool too, looks like it has a wierd way of opeining. also like the pattern on the sides of the bit where you would walk. very cool :slight_smile: