Sci Fi Corridors / Environments Creation

Usually my personal art works are portraits and I always go with 4K maps size, high res.

However, I am changing my art direction to Sci Fi Corridors / Environments still images and wondering if 4k is really needed, since the majority of the textures I see are 1k.

Since this is the first time I’m going into that direction, and disregarding what software I use, what map size should I aim for? What should I be aware / concern when making this sort of arts?

I would love to hear your opinion on this.
Thank you for any directions, tips and suggestions.

This is one quick test I did, just dipping the toe on the water.

depends on the size of your final output. You never want one pixel of texture stretched over more than one pixel of the final render… I think.

There are a lot of rules of thumb but basically, there’s no way it can look good if your texture is visibly too small. So 1024 might be OK, might not.

My rule of thumb is that realism requires the render to include details too small to be seen directly in the final output. This ensures that the eye never ‘runs out’ of detail while observing the scene, and realism isn’t broken.

Hi Kemmler,

Thank you for input mate. So on the safe size, should I stick to 2k maps ?

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