sci fi dogfight animation

after admiral westwood gained control over the british space empire a squadron of freedom fighters using Hellhound mk iii fighters lead a raid against the alien ship that westwood is using to threaten the earth. the raid is partially successful resulting in the destruction of the massive ship’s hyperspace drive however the ship is still armed and capable of causing severe damage to targets within the solar system. after the raid the surviving fighters, around half of the force that took part, flee into hyperspace. unable to realise what they are about to jump into some of the mk iii Hellhounds leave hyperspace at rendezvous point “D” , where a force of destroyers and mk iv fighters loyal to westwood is patrolling. to give the rest of his squadron a chance to escape the squadron leader draws the fire from his comrades by launching a suicidal charge at tone of the enemy destroyers, at the last moment he alters course to avoid striking the ship’s hull and dives towards the planet corot-7b. he is pursued by two mk iv fighters…

sorry if it runs too quickly.

i used path animation for the routes the fighters fly along and cylinders with high emit materials for the laserbeams, the explosions were made with expanding high emit spheres with displacement from their textures and halo particle systems set to create lines when rendered.
i used the compositor to add glare.
what do you think?

Personal opinion, but the camera cuts are too random. The viewer loses their sense of direction. (at least I did)

Draw an imaginary line down the center of the the action then shoot all you want from anywhere on one side of the line or the other. Do not cross the line unless you are shooting as you cross the line. Then stay on that side of the line until you show the camera crossing it again.

If you jump from one side of the line to the other without showing the camera crossing the line your viewer will lose all sense of direction. Some people call this the 180 degree rule. This link explains what I am talking about a little better:

It does feel a bit random.

i never knew that rule but now you say it it seems quite sensible, when you define that line i guess you mean a line from nose to tail of the fighters. i thought it would be better to show different shots in quick succession than a long solid shot throughout the whole engagement with the camera moving all the time, like this older film of mine

. also when i was developing this film( the newer one) i thought that it would run a bit slower because when i tried to preview it it was a lot slower, the open gl preview render function in blender does not seem to work on my computer. what do you think of the action/meshes/explosions?