Sci Fi Dune Inspired Dust Strom Scene

Here’s a Dune (2021) / Dune (book) inspired render I have been working on for the past month and a half. I was particularly inspired by Denis Villeneuve’s mood and documentary filmmaking style, so I decided to make an homage to that! This is also my submission for the latest render challenge in Felicia White’s discord server.

Huge thanks to Felicia White for lots of help and advice on this render, and for making the dust geometry nodes!

Here’s the full breakdown of everything I used:

  • Sand texture from ambientCG.
  • Cloth texture from Simon Thommes.
  • Procedural shading inspiration from Felicia (especially for the volumetrics and the dust on the ornithopter).
  • Dust from Felicia.
  • Character generated in MakeHuman, except for the hair, rig, and clothes.
  • Landscape was made with the ANT Landscape Generator.
  • Blender!
    Everything else is original.

Compositing was also done in Blender on a 32bit EXR.

Final Render

As I’m new to BlenderArtists I can’t post multiple images, but you can find some more information on my Artstation post!

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