Sci-fi elevator-platform animation (made in Eevee)

(davzeppelin) #1

Hi anyone, i made this animation mostly to test eevee and what i could do with it

watching it again now i admit that bloom is a little bit too much :-)…

hopefully i’ll post more eevee animations in the near future, i already have a few ideas in mind… hope you like it, thank you for watching and all comments / constructive criticism / suggestions for improvement are always very welcome!

(3blake7) #2

Cool. Any idea if we’ll be able to export the real-time renders using Eevee? I’m hoping to start a YouTube TV series. My 2 x GTX 1080s aren’t good enough to render a full length episode in a reasonable amount of time. This could start a CG animation revolution!

(davzeppelin) #3

hi, i think right now there may be some obstacles mostly because (as of the last build i tried) blender modifiers won’t work with eevee, even common ones like subdivision surface have to be applied or they won’t show up… i know some people tried using armatures to control a character but it wouldn’t work, so if your series has animated characters you may need to be creative to make it work in the current stage… maybe baking the character animations could work but i haven’t tried… hopefully it’s all going to be implemented sooner or later, or maybe it already has in the latest builds that i haven’t tried… but as development goes on and things get added/fixed i also think eevee will be revolutionary… cycles will always have greater quality but eevee is lighting fast, you will be able to render a short episode in a single day at home even with old or cheap hardware, that is revolutionary enough to me :-)!

(3blake7) #4

I am really looking forward to Eevee. I already decided to wait on it instead of moving everything over to Unreal Engine. I also looked at Armory 3D which is a game engine that can compile using Cycles materials but it’s still alpha.

(Jared.Owen) #5

Definitely too much “bloom” as you put it. I felt like I needed to watch it with sunglasses.
Neat video though - I’m excited to see where Eevee takes us.

(davzeppelin) #6

you’re right, 3d videos need 3d googles, this one needs sunglasses :-)!

i see you make animations too, eevee could very likely cut down your render times incredibly… cycles is more accurate when calculating light behaviour but rendering this animation would probably take days, eevee did it in about 1 - 1.5 hours

(davzeppelin) #7

We all are, and it’s great to be able to use it already! btw who knows, maybe the features you need will be implemented soon so it’s possible to start earlier…
Btw if you’re interested in eevee check Martin Lindelof’s channel, when a new feature is implemented he makes a video showing how to use it… i find his channel really very useful, keeps me up to date and shows how to use the new features…

(3blake7) #8

Subscribed. Thanks!