Sci-fi fighter - Low Poly

Hello everyone!

I currently am creating a technology demo for a software company, targeted at new mobile devices. They want the game made with Unity, and I am using blender, xNormal, and gimp for the asset creation.

This is the player’s ship I have created for the project, which is going to have one player flying and another controlling the turret. The model is 2014 tris, and uses normal, diffuse, specular, gloss, and emission map textures. I tried to go for a slightly cartoon-ish style for proportions to help it stand out on mobile, but give it a more realistic look for the textures.

Here is a turntable animation of the model:

Anyways, C&C are welcome. Last thing I must say though is how much I like blender’s effectiveness at creating low poly models, especially when it is working in conjunction with programs like xNormal.

that’s a cool model, and interesting materials. i think it should look good in a game.

Nice one. Looks mack more detaled than 2000 tris.

That is an amazing amount of detail for a model with very little geometry, nice work.

I freakin’ love this, great job! :smiley:

Thanks everyone for the comments, and for the input! It is really useful to get feedback on the model and where it succeeds. :slight_smile: