Sci Fi FPS Template


Hey guys, I recently mad a sci-fi FPS template that has a basic FPS setup with a futuristic gun, and a simple enemy that chases you. If you make anything cool with it be sure to share it here! This only works with 2.49, sorry 2.5 users.

Can I use some of the textures (i.e: reticle, blast)?
If you want I will give you credit for the textures…

Quite a nice template by the way.

I like the way you’ve got this set up. I hope you don’t mind if I updated this to use in Blender 2.5^.


Game_2.5.blend (1.81 MB)

the textures should be packed in it, but credit wont be necessary, its not my best work and i dont want people to think thats all i can do, thx anyway