Sci-Fi Game Artist Needed

I recently started development on a game based on the XNA framework, and I need an artist. The key goal of this game is to get the developers something to put on their resume. In a year or so I hope to get into a professional gaming company, but to do that I need a game on my resume.

Here’s the plan: this game is designed for Windows/Xbox360 with the focus being on the 360. We’ll be prototyping the game over the next two months, have two months of polish/deep coding, and then start beta testing by the end of July. Once we have a good XNA community game ready to go, I hope to use my current position with Microsoft to leverage them into turning it into an Xbox Live Arcade game.

What you get:
A Game for your Resume
a cut of all profits (we make about 70% of all sales, that amount will be split equally between all developers, minus about 10% for any licensing fees we have, such as music/SFX).

Overview of the game:

What I’m basically aiming for is a space sim deathmatch game. A bit of a cross of Mech Warrior and Freelancer. Players can load up the stock chassis with custom modules for weapons, shield bosters, etc. Then these ships are used in game. Since this game is going to rely mostly on gameplay, the graphics can be a bit lower quality.

The overall feeling of the game should be rather gritty, ships that look functional, not cartoony. 90% of this game will be open space so no buildings are needed. Any artist should have a good grasp of U/V mapping, and texturing.

The final breakdown of assets would be as follows:

Around 25 ships per faction with 2 factions
Weapon effects for all ships (I’ll help with this)
A few derelicts (massive space hulks once again, mostly open space).

I’m not looking for awesome work here, just good work. The final game
has to be less than 300MB (a limit by MS), so we can’t go overboard
with textures and the like. However, we can use normal maps and the like. Using Blender is fine as the .fbx exporter is quite nice.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, please e-mail me at tbaldridge at gmail dot com please include a few basic screen shots of your work.


what type of artist do you need
id love to help

Mostly modeling/texturing. Some of the UI stuff I can handle so that’s not as big of a deal. Modeling, U/V unwrapping, normal map generation, etc.

I’ll help but not full time just short stuff like texturing and text

Interesting project. Hope you make loads of fame. Best of luck.

This sounds like something i signed up few years ago… (project that promised pretty much same things as you) … but after a while… heard nothing about it ever again.

So…you work for the Evil Empire, huh?

Off topic and all but do they have some program to get open source developers the tools they need to produce fine software like blender that the discriminating windows users demand?

I know one of the devs is working on 64bit windows support on the beta W7 and I would imagine could also use an upgraded compiler and toolchain.

I just ask because my bro-in-law would get all sorts of stuff sent to him from Redmond as an editor for a MS centric magazine. Hell, he even got a free tablet pc when they were pimping that feature in vista.

We need to get the Blender Foundation on the mailing list for all the free promo stuff.