Sci-Fi Game Trailer

Hello all. :slight_smile:

This is going to be a trailer for a game that I want to make (don’t know whether I’ll have the time for that in the near future, so I’m settling for this more plausible project at the moment). It’s more like a bit of concept art than an actual trailer, because this is going to be pretty far from the art style I actually want to use in the game. Anyway…

The Concept:

The viewer’s perspective is through an Earth surveillance camera attached to an asteroid, and for the first few moments, all you see are free-floating asteroids in a belt in who-knows-what part of the universe (hmm, I wonder whether that’d be a good idea… who knows how many times that camera could be bumped by neighboring asteroids, but hey, this is sci-fi).

All of a sudden, an alien weapon of war is briefly visible as an asteroid moves to the side. A light on the camera’s screen starts blinking as a notification is beamed to earth.

(I have some other ideas that go here, that would make this even more dramatic and awesome, but I’m not sure they would fit within my ideal less-than-two-week time frame)

The screen blacks out, and the title shows: “Star Fighter”

The Progress:

I’m currently modeling the asteroids, which will probably be the hardest part by far. I start with an ico-sphere and start sculpting… yes, it takes a while. But I’m giving myself at least a couple days to just make asteroids, asteroids, and more asteroids, so I think it’ll work out. Plus, I do give them one procedural normal map to top it all off, and the end result looks pretty nifty.

The one I have right now isn’t as detailed as I’d like, but I’m going to try to make a lot of them first before refining the details, as it’s not as important as finishing this in the first place. More progress to come very soon. :wink:

Edit: I’ve attached a new render; testing out some camera effects.


I got a idea about asteroids. Way don you pu t some default texture like clouds or do same gibberish drawing and put put it like texture and turn on noise button. I didn’t try it but I think it could work.
It seems easier than sculpting every asteroid manually.

Nah, I’ve tried several shortcuts just to get them started, but even a textured brush didn’t help 'cause it was too noticeable. I’m not going to sculpt every asteroid, though. I’ll probably make around 5-7, and the rest will be duplicates. :wink:

Edit: I’ve made the second asteroid and attached a screen. Those are the low-poly versions with normal maps.