Sci-fi Gun game art

Hello again everyone! I just finished another low poly art project, and my main goal this time was to see how well blender worked with other programs used the industry pipeline.

The basemesh was made in blender, detailed in zbrush, retopologized in blender, AO and object space normals baked in xnormal, corrected tangent space normals computed in handplane, and textures made with Gimp and dDo.

Overall, I was impressed by how well these programs “meshed”:stuck_out_tongue: and the project went much faster than similar ones I have done. Anyways, enough talk, have some art!

These renders are from cycles, because I haven’t finished putting the model in Unity, the target engine.

I’ve uploaded the model here:

The design of the model was largely based on this concept art:
Any comments, critiques, and questions are welcome.

I’m always impressed by these kinds of renders. What is the polycount and how long did it take you to make?

The model is ~12000 triangles total, and I spent around 30 hours of solid work, mainly because of the time spent on figuring out the programs I was trying out. If I had to make it again, it would be much faster. Thanks for the interest. :slight_smile:

visually nice but it wouldn’t be possible to firmly grip the front handle would it?

or maybe its designed for aliens to hold it

It is designed for a human to hold, but I think it should be possible to use the grip. At least I hope so, otherwise when I get around to the animations for the hands that hold the gun I am going to have a hard time.