Sci-Fi Handgun!

(Muhammed Softic) #1

Hello, been working on this handgun for like 2 days now. My goal with this is to create a game ready weapon that looks similar to the other gun that I created (Check my profile).
It’ll have 3 different scopes and 3 different skins.

The modeling part is pretty close to finish, just need to create the scopes and optimize the model a bit more.
Around 15k tris is my goal, including the scopes. Right now it has 17k without scopes.
Any Ideas/advice/opinions… anything really, is always appreciated.

(Muhammed Softic) #2

Just finished the 3 scopes, atleast the model anyways.
Obviously I still have to texture them and stuff.

Also made a foregrip, probably unnecessary but whatever. :smiley:

(Muhammed Softic) #3

Made a flashlight + Laser pointer. Next up is the texturing I guess. Any material recommendations or color palletes are welcomed.