Sci-Fi Headset

I modeled this one following a concept by Dave Revoy (in the book by Jon Williamson about rendering I think most of you know). A tut in CGCookie prompted me to try this rendering.
Blender 2.62, ofc, and Cycles. 1000 samples (about 70k polys).
Any comment welcome and requested (else, why put it here?).

Ouch! Anyone there?

The over all picture seems blurry to me. Something about the DOF doesn’t sit well with my eyes. Other than that I like it.

DOF is too extreme, it would only be blurry if it was a lot more slanted.

Yeah, I agree you need a better (less blurry) picture.

Maybe the angle doesn’t quite compliment the model. I don’t think the issue is in the DOF.

Thank you all for comments.
Yep, the DOF is a bit pushed on (focus is on the nearest point of the left green cheek). I’ve tried to reduce it (easily done, ofc), but, let me say, I prefer the image as it is. Thank for the careful inspection, anyway.