Sci-fi hovercar: Type-X

Ok, this work is actually older then my previous one, but because i hadnt posted it here before, so i do it now…
maybe some people who visit cgtalk remember this, but here it is:


modeled in 2.41 and rendered in 2.42, textures made in photoshop
inspired by hotrods and other old cars

some pictures from wip:

I remember that model, even though it’s been a while.

So, the car itself is great, very neat design and the car paint in the scene render is very good, too (the studio render material isn’t that funky if you ask me).
However, the scene doesn’t really add anything - it is actually not a wise choice to make it all grey, too, that really drags the model down. It looks rather quick and not as lovely as the car itself. But obviously, that isn’t something major…
Oh, and the front of the car is open - it is a little unrealistic since it shows that the car is actually empty :wink:

But overall, very nice work!

Actually in the final render, the front of the car isnt empty, there is just a little empty space between the front grille and the radiator due to the design of a front. And the radiator is black, so it looks like its empty…

Wohoo, cool! Someone has definitely seen fifth element a bit too often (-;



Ohh, Great!

Very nice car model, almost perfect combination of style of the 1930s and futuristic technology. The car itself is good, but the scene is empty. If you added som more things, like boxes, some ponk, maybe some posters on the wall ic could be perfect.

nice, i like the older cars more, by the looks i mean :slight_smile:

Your car has fascinating classical yet futuristic style. And the render isn’t bad either. ***** from me.