sci-fi insectoïd creature animation

Hi to all,
I’m currently working on animating an insect-like creature, which is supposed to be huge (3 meters wide or so :eek:).
You can see my 3 first animations here:
A basic walkcycle, a galop-like runcycle, and the creature getting angry.
I join a preview of the beast rendered with indigo as a test. Its skin is far too shiny, but well, I did’nt take the time to correct this with indigo :wink:

I’d very much like to know what you think of these first tests. I myself think that the walkcycle is too mechanic, but I’m satisfied with the run and the attack. And yes, I know, a galop seems weird for an insectoïd creature, but I wanted it to look that way.
Anyway, these are my fisrt animations so I’m pretty convinced that there are lots of improvements to be done, and count on you to point them out :smiley:

By the way, like my previous project, the creature is borrowed from the MMORPG Saga of Ryzom.


As well as being shiny, it prolly also needs a bump map. Looks good, though.

Hey, I dunno… The videos don’t work for me. You got any on youtube or google video?

No, sorry, I haven’t uploaded anything elsewhere… Did you try to donwload the videos ? I think there’s a link to wonload them if your browser can’t read them. I use VLC to read them and have no problem :frowning:

As to the texture you’re absolutely right but I wanted to focus on animation for this project so I just create a simple UV texture to avoid having a grey creature. Texturing will be made later, maybe by a friend of mine actually :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you considered submitting this awesome model for use in the game Tremulous? If you don’t know about tremulous, you’re missing out. check out for more info. It would fit perfectly as an alien to go just past the marauder class. Nice Job!

Thanks, but I doubt this would be legal, since the original model is used in a commercial game. Consequently, I would in no case use this model for anything except personal work and studies.
On top of that, the model I made from the original game’s artworks has far too many polygons to be used in a game.

No, I don’t mean I can’t watch them, I mean it tells me they don’t exist. :stuck_out_tongue:

:confused: I just tested the links again and everything works fine for me !
Anybody has the same problem ?

I uploaded the videos on youtube in case there ara still problems with the first site. Of course, the video quality has suffered a lot…
I now want to animate a fight between this creature and a humanoid, and I plan to use mancandy or ludwig to learn and make plenty of tests.
Anyway, here are the youtube links, since there has been no reply about the animations I suspect people could’nt see them (Not to face the fact that they have’nt interested anyone :stuck_out_tongue: )

the original videos worked fine for me.
does blackboe have windows?


I saw the videos.
I think the walk cycle is too mecanic.
I don’t feel enough slowness in the movement!

Waiting for the next step : p .

agreed. A friend also told me that the head movement was wrong, it looked like the “insect” was listening to Bob Marley while walking :smiley:
I’ll post what comes next as soon as possible, but it’ll probably take me some time, I can’t work on it very often :o

Yes I do have windows. The website just told me it couldn’t find the movie.

Hey, the gallop’s pretty awesome. :]

The walk cycle is good, I think the synchronization of the legs is great, but it needs to be heavier, taking into account that the creature is gonna be heavy, it should haul its legs up with visible–if not particularly strenuous–effort, and drop them down again with once again visible–if not particularly great–assistance from the force of gravity. It’s head, inversely, should not bob quite so much, the creature should be keeping it level by nature to see better, much like humans do.

All in all, the mechanics are excellent, you just need to take into account the organic nature of muscles and the weight of the creature itself.

The attack is good too, but once again, muscles and weight, the creature’s ‘back’ muscles should swing the torso and arms back, and the front muscles pull the opposite direction, brief sway of inertia, then the arms come swinging forward with a vengeance.

Try jerking your arm back and force a bit, it never quite stops exactly where you stop. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, objects at rest tend to stay at rest.

Hey, what a pleasure to have C&Cs ! :slight_smile:
First, thanks :slight_smile: I spent a lot of time on the gallop, it’s not quite finished though but I learned a lot.
I’ll try to take your propositions into account as soon as I can (why do days only have 24 hours ?), thanks for commenting :slight_smile: