Sci Fi Male Character with Raiden-like eyes

Hey, everyone, I’m definitely not done with my character yet, but I would love some feedback on how to improve it. I was going for a rough, realistic looking male character that could fit into a sci fi shooter game or something like that. I made him have glowing eyes like Raiden from Mortal Combat which I think looks pretty cool. Some areas that I think could use some improvement are:

  1. Texturing of the hair stubble at the top of the head. It looks a little uneven and blotchy

  2. The ears look kinda flat and the shape isn’t very realistic

  3. The shirt needs some seams (which I am having a very hard time finding a good tutorial for)

  4. The vest is very hard to see

  5. Of course a background image or something else in the scene

What do you guys think?

I also included a screen shot of the node editor. I am pretty new to compositing but I followed the elf texturing tutorial on and picked up a few things.

Thanks in advance!

the vest is very hard to see
i like the shape of the head, esspecially the lower part
the shirt needs a little thickness, solidify
the eyes are nice, but mabee some kind of shadow, of interaction with the brow
the skin may need a texture

overall the geomity is very good, and i salute you for taking on a human character

Character modeling is definitely no easy task, but I really like the challenge and think organic modeling is cool.

Yes thickness on the shirt and some shadows on the eyes are good ideas to strengthen up the render. And definitely the vest needs to be more visible. The skin has got several textures. It is exactly as in the tutorial I followed:

i was thinking bump mapping pores and things on his skin especially the forehead

There is a blue outline around him, did you render onto a blue background and key it out?

That appears to be a blue backlight. You should use a lot less front light and more backlight, and back diagonal, so that his glowing eyes will stand out more. I’m sure you’re not at the lighting phase yet, but I said it anyway.